30 March 2015

Mysticism: Awakened Codes ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 March 2015

Arthur C Clarke stated that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." My corollary to that is "Any sufficiently higher dimensional existence is indistinguishable from mysticism."

Judith Kusel describes this state of Mysticism as "the highest calling of the Illumined State" in this message, which makes the connection between Ancient Greece and the practice of Mysticism. She also refers to "Ancient Ones" who live underground ~ I'm assuming she means our Intraterrestrial Family in Inner/Hollow Earth.

Source: Judith Kusel

The higher paths of Mysticism have to do with the preparedness to delve ever deeper in the depths of Being – that state of Being which is the Unknown, the endless infinite realm of the Gods and Goddesses – the Mystery of Life and the Life Force itself.  It delves deep into the cosmic consciousness which is sublime and which is the creative force itself, yet is within all Beings and all that ever was created under the Central Cosmic Sun.

It is the highest calling of the Illumined State.  It takes total commitment and dedication to this path.  It is the highest path of supreme purity and it will demand that All.

According to the Oxford dictionary a Mystic is a person who devotes their time to profound thought in order to become closer to God and to reach truths beyond human understanding.  Its root is the Greek word “mustes – initiated person.”

Mysticism is then path of supreme Enlightenment and it is no accident that we inherited the Greek word for this, for in the Greeks always had a great respect for those who sought the ultimate state of Being.

In the last few years I have always been led back to Delphi in my own research as to trying to link the Cathars, my own findings, and the Goddess returning, with my own emerging greater picture of the true history of the planet and the Super-consciousness energy fields.

At one stage interesting personas started to emerge from the Pyrenees, far more ancient than that of the Cathars and understanding dawned that what they knew, or practiced was something was older and something steeped in the Ancient traditions of Mysticism itself.

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