18 March 2015

New Timeline Update, Light Command Symbol ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 16 March 2015

Source: Absolute Radiance

Every time we transition into new timelines, due to the fact that humanity is awakening we enter more and more the reality of peace. We are evolving and manifesting our divinity. We carry day by day higher frequencies that are affecting our reality in a powerful way. The light and love weavers who have freed themselves from the matrix are doing an amazing job in spreading the freedom templates. Humanity has the eyes to see and the heart to live in a unified field as one and it is now stronger as we successfully entered into a new timeline. Change will speed up even more now, so tighten your belts and enjoy the ride.

The insanity known as the matrix of control is slowly being dismantled. All of us who were born with the codes of awakening and freedom are strongly resonating the frequency to break free as the light command is being activated. The codes and the light command were included in such a way which went mostly unnoticed by those running the control program. The key to activating the codes and light command we carry is to increase our vibrational frequency thus it engages and sips into reality. We carry the transformational energy to break free from the outdated and low frequency emitted by the 4th dimensional matrix.

The low grade 4th dimensional frequency targets our brain in order to affect our minds and our thinking process. By affecting our thinking process our perception of reality becomes warped. It is through fear and constant distraction and signals of mind control carried by the waves sent via the underground moon base, communication media and the devices purposely made to emit high levels of radiation to affect our navigational capabilities.

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