05 March 2015

Placentia: A Galactic History Of This World ~ via Joseph Antaree

This book comes from a source that is new to me, whose work with which I'm not familiar, so I'm sharing this based on the contents of the book alone, without knowing anything else about the author or other related work. It is along the same vein of sources such as "El Ser Uno" (the first two books in English), "The Return of Light" by Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum, Andrew Bartzis and Noel Huntley, but told from the angle of the Galactic Elohim from the Great Central Sun. It's a short read, only 36 pages, containing information which is both telling and encouraging.

The one thing that really struck me is the description of the negative energy "mind-banks" (morphogenetic fields?) that reinforce false awareness. It just suddenly made me realise that this is one of the main reasons for the overall confusion in the awakened community where we seem to have wildly differing notions about spirituality, Light and Dark. It made me recall an experience many years ago when I brought up the subject of the Higher Self and Divine Will in a discussion, and someone emphatically rejected that notion, categorically stating that his physical self and individual free will were all he needed for his spiritual path. He dismissed entirely even the suggestion that there were other aspects of himself apart from his one physical incarnation.

Okay, enough rambling, back to the book.

You can download/read this book here.

Some highlights below:
  • Placentia ~ our healing Planet of plenty and rebirth
  • Solar system utterly destroyed by "atomic firestorm", planets dead with 24 billion spaced-out entities with damaged auras in astral realms
  • GOD = Grand Order of Deuteronomy
  • Original Sin/Temptation = when Baal experienced Luciferian consciousness while separated from the Light, which had the immediate effect of making him feel separated from God; from then on, he went further into imbalance and darkness, divorced from Spirit
  • Devolution resulted, duality and reversal of the flow of Cosmic Spirit
  • It has taken Light Forces 6 million years to correct this anomaly
  • Accumulation of negative energy eventually led to total destruction of Life in Solar System
  • Creation of reincarnation in un-consciousness and un-awareness, devoid of contact with Cosmic Spirit, stemmed from this anomaly
  • Negative thoughtforms recycled from negated energy mind bank, reinforcing false awareness
  • Placentia created to rehabilitate these damaged Souls and their etheric circuitry and auras.

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