11 March 2015

Quick Update ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 10 March 2015

This is very positive status update of behind-the-scenes  developments from Ibrahim Hassan, including some elaboration about The Event.

Source: The World of Truth

Quick update..

- We reached a state of energy that allows us to activate the
   manifestation law...

- All the timelines are ready now to integrate into one timeline..
- The obstacles and borders began disappearing between dimensions..
- Liberating the "hostages" in the solar system at its peak...
- The rift between the physical and ethereal planes {cosmic anomaly}
   begin to recover and need little 

- The necessary preparations for the reception of the event from inside
   the earth are at its peak...

- We are very close to the phase of remarkable changes..

The real meaning of the event!!

-The event is to liberate the fallen planets from slavery, and put them on the evolution timeline to continue their path to higher dimensions...

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