27 March 2015

Sheldan Nidle Interview with Alexandra Meadors ~ 24 March 2015


This is a two-hour session; I've been listening to it in parts and I've only covered half so far. Here are some highlights (I'll continue adding as I listen to the rest) but you can proceed straightaway to listen to the audio here. Some of the information that Sheldan brought through was definitely news to me, like the (thankfully) failed attempts to prevent the destruction of Atlantis. I also didn't know that it was a fixed point in our timeline, like a marker, and therefore could not be erased or changed.

**Update 29 March 2015 ~ highlights done! Also I wanted to just point out that this is an outstanding session with lots of information from Sheldan, as always.
  • Confirms that our Planet is the only one that is still in control of dark, and that the Earth minions refused to return to Light after the Anchara Alliance, whereby they took over when their leaders left
  • Quarantine imposed by Light (although I understand from other sources that both implemented their own quarantines ~ Light to prevent the spread of dark, and dark to prevent the Light forces from coming in)
  • “Information” about cloning of leaders at present largely untrue
  • Cabal are “very, very afraid” for the first time but they are not giving up, however positive forces are slowly taking over
  • Black magic being practised, they are grand masters in it, taught from young; this is also being nullified
  • Chemtrails also being neutralised; all these steps are being taken gradually because of the balance of Light/dark that still has to be considered to prevent chaotic upsets
  • Fall of Atlantis was a fixed point in time; that's why previous psychic attempts to “save” the civilisation (which would have made it possible for far worse darkness to fester) wasn't successful, it was an essential event that had to happen
  • Humanity has been brainwashed to reject ET presence therefore essential for Contact to unfold in progressive steps
  • December 2012 was supposed to see change of regime but when that didn't happen, plans had to be rolled back
  • More lightship (mostly scoutships) activity during the daytime now because Light forces want us to notice them, raising awareness of their existence
  • Almost every animal group on Earth has a sentient origin in the Cosmos
  • Marconi's group settled in Inner Earth; Admiral Byrd's account covered up
  • Tesla is prime example of how they have suppressed our potential and advancement, and in primitive mode
  • Psychic control has been lessened and increasingly so, but still needs to be done in balance way
  • Flat Earth theory is "utter idiocy" and "bizarre" (*and I will try not to add anything else to this); 1:03-hour mark
  • Space photos from Nasa admitted to be composites because otherwise we would see the huge number of ships (Nasa also "erases" images of ships)
  • Antarctica ~ "forbidden" because of openings (entrances?) and remnants of Nazi weaponry still there, also lots of Argathan ships present; strong magnetic field as well as the polar holes/entrances into Hollow Earth
  • Also Aurora Borealis created by interaction of Inner Sun and these magnetic fields (as Zorra from Hollow Earth Network had said before)
  • Most higher-dimensional Beings live inside planets, and not on the surface (again, what I learnt from Zorra)
  • Whales and Dolphins, being conscious Beings, are record-keepers and energy-movers; Cetacean energy basically sustaining Life energies
  • 6-8 m years ago were 3 groups of advanced races: Dinosaurian, Reptilian, Mammals (Cetaceans) who were told to be guardians of this Planet, but the first two conspired with an Orion group to destroy the Cetaceans. To protect themselves, the Cetaceans decided to blow up their energy system and leave behind their civilisation in the Caucasus. In recent times, a body of land cetacean with crown on head was discovered in one of the pyramids there (I think Sheldan means this); this is remnant of the Cetacean civilisation
  • The Cetaceans then went into the oceans to escape the radiation
  • We are not from "here", we are not primates from Earth (we have ET origins)
  • Oil produced in great amounts daily by Planet for her own lubrication; also gold meant for Planet's own need, representing the highest energy of Life
  • Tectonic plates will expand and Planet will get bigger eventually (Sheldan has said that the 3 great continents of Lemuria, Atlantis and Great Sri Lanka will resurface)
  • Advanced knowledge usually sequestered and immersed in "specialisations" so that we don't benefit from it
  • Sheldan's attempts to merge quantum physics with spiritual science at college set him up to learn more about the world
  • His experiences with Nasa employees assisted in his incorporation of Science into his work
  • Synesthesia will increase when we become more conscious
  • Divine Plan ~ we have reached a point now where financial and governance can be directly affected by positive groups
  • Sheldan's plan is to help people build networks and communities via his PAO
  • Earth is a special Planet; she was a Wanderer "captured" by Sun (when she came too close to it) to accomplish a specific goal, to be the Star Nation to help others become fully conscious, and that darkness is not the way to evolve
  • Time is not a measurement, it's an energy; Time Lords/Elohim use this energy to create Planets, time is an aspect of energy or feeling that represents that point of the year
  • We need to be in alignment with Cosmic aspects and planetary cycles
  • Time to put Spirit back into Science
  • Our present Moon was 5th moon of Maldek
  • We have been limited in our consciousness, we are supposed to be Human Angels. Time now to return to full consciousness
  • Sheldan's website: PAO


  1. My wife and I want to be a part of the new OutWorlders that are planning to land and assist us all to be opened and received the new data regarding our planet etc. I've sent several emails indicating we are available to assist . We have international experience regarding our planet have traveled to most countries and would like to be a part of your team if possible. My wife speaks 4 languages - I speak English and some French. I earlier sent a CV so you could view some of my extensive background. We currently live in Phoenix, AZ.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards, Larry

    1. Namaste Larry, and thank you for writing in.

      I'm not organising anything and I don't have a team working with me. I operate this blog on my own and I do whatever I can to assist and be of service.

      I am basically a blogger sharing (and sometimes writing) what I feel needs to be shared to help others in their Ascension process.

      I wish you and your wife all the best, and hope that both of you find the most suitable team for your expertise.

      Blessings and Namaste, Grace