17 March 2015

Silence and the Sounds of Solfeggio

Michael Grab ~ Gravity Glue
Afer spending four hours running around in the heart of the city to get time-sensitive administrative things done, I had far exceeded my own tolerance level for noise pollution and mainstream priorities. Some serious frequency detox was required (though I should point out that everyone I had to interact with was a beautiful, courteous and helpful Soul, thank you to all!), and that's exactly what I did when I returned to the sanctuary and sacred space of my own home. One of the main quick-fix tool I use is Solfeggio tones, which is what I turned to after a quick meditative zoning-out.

As I allowed the healing energy and frequencies of my Solfeggio playlist to do its work, I realised that there was a huge sense of silence, within. It was as if my body, mind and Soul were resonating in joyful harmony with the silence that was paradoxically produced by the music. Although I listen to many different Solfeggio tracks daily, this was the first time I actually sensed the silence. It was truly amazing and greatly appreciated.
That was yesterday. Then today I read this in Gaia Portal's update, and I just had to acknowledge the synchronicity:
Serenities of Higher Light are sensed by all.
Gaia responds with silence.

I will also mention that before writing this post, I had spent some time being mesmerised by the "Falling Stars" animation I have on my blog. I never knew I would say this, but they actually had a soothing, lulling effect on me :)

We have been guided to journey within and do inner work over the next energy-potent days. At the same time, I find that I have so many questions that have arisen in the past weeks. I realise that these questions can only be answered in the silence within, and that is where I must listen, with more than just my ears, to all the answers.

If you would like some Solfeggio tracks to accompany your inner journey, here are some of my favourites. A number of them I've listed before in earlier posts, but here they are again for easy access. I'm pointing you to Youtube, and if you benefit particularly from their energies, I suggest purchasing them at the source sites. I have several from Jezebel Decibel, who produces outstanding work.

Flying Celestial Beings (this is the one that gave me the silent resonance within)

Global Love Intention

Love Signal 528 Hz

528 Emerald Heart Ascendance

432 Hz DNA Repair.

May we all emerge from our inner journey with even more clarity, purpose and alignment with our Higher purpose...Namaste!

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