15 March 2015

Solara's March 2015 Surf Report ~ Excerpt

Source: The Nvisible: Solara & The 11:11



Now, that we've completed the extremely powerful, four month MEGA RESET, we can begin to see the profound changes that it has brought us. Many of the deep rooted unconscious behaviors within us have changed and our automatic emotional responses have been clearly seen and cleaned up. We have tenaciously and thoroughly weeded out untrueness wherever we found it. We are more aligned with our True Path than ever before.

This has created a new openness within us. Our previous hesitations, doubts and fears have been set aside. This frees us to create new, True Lives, the lives we have always yearned for. As we more deeply inhabit the New Landscape, it gives us a more all encompassing level of real comfort than we've felt for a long, long time. We realize that we don't need to anxiously gulp the Air We Can Breathe as if it will suddenly disappear, for it is here to stay and so are we.

In March, everything comes into a finer focus. Everything is brimming with new life force. We are filled with a new vitality. The New Freshness permeates everything around us. It's like going to an eye examination to be fitted with new glasses. The lenses are repeatedly changed and adjusted and fine tuned until we can see everything with an enhanced clarity.

March is a strong month of integrating and implementing the momentous changes we experienced during the MEGA RESET. These changes become the new foundation upon which we stand. And by doing this, we serve as living examples of of how to inhabit the New Reality.

If we haven't done it already, it's time to courageously forge a new path. Going into our True Direction is where we will unquestionably have the greatest success. It's time for utilizing bold innovation, untried new methods, unbridled creativity and wild inspiration, as we anchor more of our new, true vision into all aspects of our lives.

Many long standing projects will be brought to completion this month. Sticky unresolved situations either will now be brought to a new level or we will decide to completely walk away from them. Much fine tuning and refinement is taking place, both within us and in our outer environment. We are weighing everything on the scale of Trueness, and if it's not True, it is readily discarded.

Exciting new creative visions are being revealed, showing us what we couldn't see before. Many elements of the New Reality break through to the surface, like the first daffodils of spring which have long laid dormant under the snow. We can finally see what we've been planting for so long. We are greatly reassured that our plants are still alive and actually growing. It may not yet be the time of harvest, but it's the time of seeing some of the elements that will be part of our future harvest. And we like what we see!

This brilliant, wildly creative month contains a strong, almost explosive, bursting energy. The dam has broken and many of the hindrances which long held us back are swept away. We are bursting into vibrant aliveness, bursting into newness, bursting into greater Trueness, bursting into enhanced clarity, bursting into the freshness of the verdant New Landscape, bursting into Greater Love, bursting open, bursting free.

At the same time, there is the bursting open of previously calcified pockets of duality. In the outside world, there is a murky, science fiction, fear-based scenario which is trying to pull us into its distortion band, but we are bursting free and refuse to feed the illusions of duality any more.

Throughout March, it will feel as though we are flying through the air with both feet on the ground. The new energy will be palpable and vibrantly alive. It's time to take clear, decisive action to move deeper into our True Position.

Let's implement the profound changes and heightened Trueness we've experienced into all areas of our lives. Let's go even deeper into the New Landscape and anchor the New Reality!

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete MARCH 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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