17 March 2015

Telechronics Have Activated Within Gaia Hue-manity ~ Gaia Portal ~ 17 March 2015

"Linguistically challenged"....that's how I usually feel with Gaia Portal updates :)

Source: Gaia Portal
 Telechronics have activated within Gaia Hue-manity.
Stasis is ended.
Rapidity of hu-being upgrades is noted.
Serenities of Higher Light are sensed by all.
Gaia responds with silence.

Wikipedia tells me this:
Telechron is the name of a US company that manufactured electric clocks between 1912 and 1992. "Telechron" is derived from the Greek words tele, meaning "far off," and chronos, "time," thus referring to the transmission of time over long distances.

Does that refer to our ability to connect with Higher Realms across vast Cosmic distances, as well as  traversing time?

Could it be a play on the the word "electronics", and that we have our own "spirit-tech" now being activated?

Do we need a Gaia Portal dictionary/translator? Or maybe we all have one, within?

Or maybe I just need to stop obsessing...?  :D

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