28 March 2015

The Ascension Process and the Entry Into 4th and 5th Dimension ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 27 March 2015

Ibrahim Hassan provides more details regarding the Ascension process and what it involves, The Event, what 4D and 5D means, and the different "streams" of Ascension. You can proceed directly to the two videos here (total about 20 minutes).

Some highlights:
  • Implants in energetic fields meant to stop Ascension process by preventing us from raising our vibrations, connecting with our Higher Self and with the higher realms
  • Many efforts by Light to save this Planet which is the last one being "occupied"
  • When The Event (The Pulse) occurs, these implants/chips will be switched off
  • 2 ways to neutralise implants: Using technology (with Resistance Movement, Agarthan Network and White Brotherhood), and via our own inner journey to reconnect with our Divinity (in this way, our vibratons then become too high for the implants to function)
  • The Event: when Earth enters 4D, 3D is "closed", then we commence next steps to 5D physically (Earth in 6D-7D energeticlly)
  • When in 4D, ALL humans (with exception of small % who will be sent to holographic 3D for "rehad") will have activated 4 strands of DNA (out of 12 strands), then go through another transition to ascend to 5D/5 strands (Light Body) over period of 10 years, depending on their progress
  • However, Starseeds/Volunteers/Indigos/Crystals etc will then proceed directly to 5D and beyond after 4D since they are already from higher realms, i.e. they return to their original state prior to this incarnation; this will take 6-12 months max, natural ascension therefore not requiring Light Chambers (in Inner Earth)
  • This is first batch of Ascension, numbering about 50 million
  • Emotional, psychological and mental healing required after The Event
  • In 4D we have completely healthy bodies and youthful appearance, memories restored, telephathic, contact with higher realms, in Oneness; this is NORMAL state
  • Many technologies will be used to support this transition, including energies from The Event and Light Chambers
  • In 5D we have complete crystalline Light Body stage, additional capabilities such as teleportation, bilocation, telekinesis.
**Earth was known as Gaia in her 7D existence, then Terra in 5D and finally Earth in 3D.


  1. brilliant - finally a detailed clarification - mahalo.

    1. Thanks, Lee...there's a new update today! Namaste

  2. great, found it http://theearthplan.blogspot.de/2015/03/very-important-update-presence-of.html