07 March 2015

The Building Pre-Equinox Pressures ~ Denise LeFay ~ 6 March 2015

The pressure has been building and building for over 2 years, and each time we reach a plateau that is specific to that particular cycle, we're off again on the next one. It's been never-ending; we just get on to the next cycle, and then the next, and the next....!! That, to me, is how our transition has been unfolding post-2012.

In this update, Denise once again puts out the alert for the upcoming Equinox, cautioning us that we need to clear whatever it is we need to clear, so that we can accommodate the next cycle....exhale...

She went through a tough period, and shares her experience and reminder-to-self not to fall back into old energy patterns, chief of which is the victim-victimiser mode. I see so much of that whenever I reluctantly drag myself out of my semi-hermit cocoon to be "out there", so this message is Denise's learn-from-my-experience sharing to us, reminding us to be the Conscious Creators that we ALL are.

Please read her message here.

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