25 March 2015

The Dweller of Unal: Emerald Tablet V ~ Thoth

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This is my own attempt (and therefore my own perspective or comprehension) to corroborate/cross-reference "The Dweller of Unal" from the Emerald Tablets (Part V) by Thoth with recent findings or information, which stem from authentic, honest, courageous and dedicated researchers as well as channeled messages or downloads of other nature. I may not always be able to provide references because I may no longer recall the sources.

This "chapter" deals with the Fall of Atlantis and the subsequent unfolding of events. You can find links to access all 15 Tablets from my previous post, or here for just the 5th Tablet. The Emerald text is highlighted in bold.

King of the nations, master of wisdom,
Keeper of the way,
dwelt in his TEMPLE,
LIGHT of the Earth in Atlantis' day.

This is the description of the Cosmic Being who created Atlantis with the power of his mind. Known as Master Horlet (see below), he dwelled in his Temple on an Atlantean island called Unal. It has been said that this Being is Sananda.

Know ye, O man, that HORLET the Master,
was never one with the children of men.

Non-corporeal Beings such as Horlet were called Children of Light, whereas humans on Earth were known as Children of Men. Horlet was Thoth's teacher of ancient wisdom in the latter's quest for true freedom in Light, which is covered in quite great detail in the Emerald Tablets.

Out of the ETHER called HE its substance,
moulded and formed by the power of YTOLAN
into the forms HE built with His mind.

Mile upon mile it covered the island,
space upon space it grew in its might.

Black, yet not black, but dark like the space-time,
deep in its heart the ESSENCE of LIGHT.

Swiftly the TEMPLE grew into being,
moulded and shaped by the WORD of the DWELLER,
called from the formless into a form.

Builded HE then, within it, great chambers,
filled them with forms called forth from the ETHER,
filled them with wisdom called forth by His mind.

"Ytolan" as described by Almine in "Secrets of the Hidden Realms", is a sacred device that aids manifestation of thought (or word). From the description in the Emerald text, we are given the impression that Atlantis was built in a very short period of time. The same has been said about the Pyramids in Giza, where the creation was first in thought-form, and then made manifest in a very short duration of time.

Fell from the Light into the darkness,
some who had risen to heights among men.

Proud they became because of their knowledge,
proud were they of their place among men.
Deep delved they into the forbidden,
opened the gateway that led to below.

Describes Man's descent into darkness, the Fall of Man. I don't really know what it was specifically that was "forbidden", but it's definitely something that Man wasn't spiritually ready for, because Thoth continues by saying,
He who descends below must have balance,
else he is bound by lack of our Light.

But then again, I'm having a very faint memory as I read again the "descends below" part. I vaguely recall that the by-then unbalanced Atlanteans wanted to use the power of the Great Crystal(s) for negative purposes. The abuse of this enormous power would have utterly destroyed our Earth, which was, and will be, never allowed, as further told by Thoth (the "HE" meaning Horlet),
Saw HE the Atlanteans, by their magic,
opening the gateway that would
bring to Earth a great woe.

Fast fled His soul then, back to His body.
Up HE arose from His AGWANTI.
Called HE the Three mighty messengers.
Gave the commands that shattered the world.
Deep 'neath Earth's crust to the HALLS of AMENTI,
swiftly descended the DWELLER.
Called HE then on the powers the Seven Lords wielded;
changed the Earth's balance.

Down sank Atlantis beneath the dark waves.
Shattered the gateway that had been opened;
shattered the doorway that led down below.
All of the islands were shattered except UNAL,
and part of the island of the sons of the DWELLER.

The Dweller (Horlet) could have been "asleep" in stasis in his Agwanti, which is a special chamber for rest, as provided by this definition here. I note that the definition specifically states that this term (in a language of Phillipines, which has Lemurian energies) is used for Elohim Beings.

It is said that The Lords of Amenti are "asleep" in a sort of stasis state in the Halls of Amenti, awaiting the time when Earth and her surface inhabitants transition into fifth dimension, so it's very likely that The Dweller was also in this same state.

We see from the Emerald text that The Dweller commanded the Seven Lords to change the Earth's balance (axis?) to create the Great Flood which sank Atlantis, except Unal, where the Great Temple stood, and another island. This was done to prevent the destruction of the Planet.

Then The Dweller issued forth this command to Thoth,
Take thou, O THOTH, all of your wisdom.
Take all your records, Take all your magic.
Go thou forth as a teacher of men.
Go thou forth reserving the records
until in time LIGHT grows among men.

Gather thou now the sons of Atlantis.
Take them and flee to the people of the rock caves.
Fly to the land of the Children of KHEM."

Then gathered I the sons of Atlantis.
Into the spaceship I brought all my records,
brought the records of sunken Atlantis.

Thoth fled to Khem (Egypt) where he commenced his teachings, and brought that civilisation to its zenith. He was also the creator of the Pyramids.

Deep 'neath the rocks,
I buried my spaceship,
waiting the time when man might be free.

Over the spaceship,
erected a marker in the form
of a lion yet like unto man.
There 'neath the image rests yet my spaceship,
forth to be brought when need shall arise.

That Thoth's spaceship is under the "marker" is a topic that has over the past years been discussed and hotly debated by many sources. I do believe that it's there, waiting for the right time to surface, "...when need shall arise". 

The Sphinx was built during the Age of Leo (around the time of Fall of Atlantis?), and some researchers suggest that that was the reason for the lion body. It has been said that the head was originally that of a lion. It has also been highlighted that the ratio of the body to the Sphinx head is disproportionate, and that the head had been re-carved into the current form. This latter point is reinforced by the fact that the head bears less weather markings than the body; as the body was submerged and the head was exposed prior to excavations, the head should have deteriorated more. Since the reverse is true, the conclusion is that the head has been re-carved.

Know ye, O man, that far in the future,
invaders shall come from out of the deep.
Then awake, ye who have wisdom.
Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease.
Deep 'neath the image lies my secret.
Search and find in the pyramid I built.

Perhaps now is the time for the ship to surface...


  1. Dear Grace,

    Just to validate what you have written: Drunvalo also states that the Great Pyramids were built instantly. It is in the video 'Birth Of A New Humanity' which you can watch on Youtube. According to Drunvalo, that was the 1st step in building a new healthy matrix to replace the limiting one created by the Annunaki and their minions, the Sons of Biel.

    And I pray that the time for the spaceship to rise is imminent!

    Thanks again for sharing.


    1. How interesting! Thanks for the validation, ShaunieL, much appreciated. That's my daily prayer, too...I personally feel enough is enough is enough is enough already!! :) Blessings

  2. Thank you for putting this together here :) I've been trying to find other references to the Dweller Of Unal and interestingly enough Plato went to Egypt and was initiated in the the history of Atlantis. Though when he recounted everything he learned, the Dweller was referred to as...... Zeus! And Thoth's father (Enki) was referred to as Poseidon. Also in the Human History Movie (Spirit Science) it is claimed that the ship was used in 1989 to ward off a hostile takeover? I believe this information was channeled but I'm searching for more sources :)

    1. You're welcome :) I didn't know any of what you wrote, so that's news to me! My original intention was (still is) to do more Tablets, but *sigh* my plate's really full.

      I'm not saying this is the true account, but I've heard that Enki is actually Enlil and vice-versa ~ the names were switched to confuse us and make us venerate the "wrong" "god".

      Interesting too that you mentioned Zeus. Apparently, there are two "Zues"....one genuine and the other created by the Illuminati. Convoluted.....the only way to describe our real history!

  3. An episode of the adult cartoon, Futurama showed the spaceship discovered under the Sphinx and they used it to escape Earth as it was being destroyed. Another episode had a character make make this facetious rhetorical comment "Is the Space Pope REPTILLIAN?" (implying he was) Wow...

    1. I didn't know that, thank you! I'll look for that episode, Blessings

    2. Wow...smh...cartoons are not only for kids at all!
      The information shared here is so stimulating.
      Thank you all for sharing.
      I'll continue searching.


  4. This is awesome, it's good b to find some answers or at least different views and perceptions that definitely seem to help with understanding the text and context on the tablets. Great job ty...


  5. Ancient aliens were, after all, Atlanteans, the elongated skulled humanoids, who built pyramids all over the world. Because of the genetic incompatibility, they could not interbreed with humans. They died off but they never taught the secret technology of antigravity to humans. They formed the concept "elite" through the process of initiation which still exist in many secret societies. I think they were happy to rule the humans as slaves and enjoy the prestige of the royalty. Teaching the antigravity technology to humans would mean that they will lose their power over the humans and they never did. Another selfish form of biological entity that didn't make it to eternity.

    1. I believe our REAL history is a lot more complex and convoluted than we can even imagine :) Blessings

  6. The"forbidden" would be the lotus flower or something simalar it produces "mind altering effects" its referred to in other tablets.so the people preferred it ofer their own brain power. So the childrens teachins wernt to accnologed. "forbidden" would be the lotus flower or something simalar it produces "mind altering effects" its referred to in other tablets.so the people preferred it ofer their own brain power. So the childrens teachins wernt to accnologed. And ultimatly lead to the fall of atlantis where people created it with mind power and the newer generations where stsrting to use "drugs" and couldnt keep up with the upkeep of atlantis

    1. Unfortunately, this is still a problem today....

  7. I tend to disagree that the head of the sphinx was that of a lion because the tablet clearly states, "Over the spaceship, erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like unto man."

    Therefore the phrase "...like unto man" must be referring to the sphinx as originally having a man's head/face.