13 March 2015

The First Big Bang and The Fall ~ Almine ~ 11 March 2015

Almine, in sleep state, answers (first in an ancient language, then English) questions about the Fall that led to duality and a lowering of consciousness. It's just 11+ minutes in length, so even you already know the answer(s), it's still quite an interesting session. Here are some highlights:
  • The Expressions (the Creations) felt less than the Expressor (Creator)
  • Praise, arrogance gave rise to "need to prove", logic and reason became the worshipped; knowingness alone was no longer accepted
  • Attention was directly away from the Creator to each other; competetiveness and possessiveness began
  • As Light began less and understanding dwindled, an imbalance of Light resulted, causing an implosion into the Infinite, and exploded as a Big Bang in a denser/lower realm.
 Here for more information and the video.

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  1. Though I am not a follower of Almine and have not yet listened to the video, something in this info does resonate on some level. I am looking forward to watching the video.