26 March 2015

The Next Level, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse ~ Carol Ann Ciocco ~ 25 March 2015

Lots of information in Carol Ann Ciocco's latest newsletter to prepare us for what's up next...the 3rd Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse. Yep...more shifts...our evolution is getting really serious and very accelerated!

Source: Three Moon Ocean (excerpt)

It seems that a major Shift has happened. It seems that the Crown Chakra emphasis that I saw in the dates of March 16-20 came to fruition. The Portal we are in right now has a Spiritual agenda, and with the first two peaks (March 16 and March 20) it was beautifully expressed as such. As the days unfold now, the changes will be made real. All things shake down from the realm of Spirit, and the mundane details of this Shift will shake out and manifest over time. "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you."
Many Lightworkers and Spiritually-immersed people all over the Planet had tuned into the potentials of this 2-month period, or received information about it. Each person translated it through their own lens. For instance, I started the 'Prepare The Way' program back in January because I was using my particular lens - astrological info and astronomical events - and saw an amazing opportunity. Others channeled information from many other sources, beyond. The key is, for the first two peaks of the portal (the third peak occurs April 4, see below) WE raised our consciousness, met the energies and received them with Love. Doreen Virtue (Angel Intuitive and Teacher) wrote:
"There has been a positive energy shift. Friday (March 20, 2015) saw millions of people praying. Prayers, ceremonies, and positive intentions coincided with the triple phenomenon of the solar eclipse, super new moon, and equinox, and has created a new level of awareness and understanding. Blocks were blasted open. Now it's time for reassignments for us all, and promotions to a higher purpose. We are guided to rest, take naps, and take it easy. During sleep, rest, prayer, and meditation is where you receive the new information about the higher path that your life is taking. You can expect increasing sensitivity to harsh energy, which might mean that career and relationship changes will come about sooner than expected. Life is gaining a whole new meaning. Hearts and minds are opening to compassion and gentleness. And you play an important role in this positive direction. Let's focus upon the positive." - Doreen Virtue

We Lightworkers received 'upgrades' to our Spiritual Light Quotient which will then change our paths, imbuing our life-purpose with even higher and more Love-saturated levels of service. But more importantly...

I feel that this time is a BIG step up the ladder for mass consciousness. We're on a particular ascendant ladder already, and have been for a long time (probably since the 1960s). It seems this crazy amazing Portal is a leap over many steps if we channel it that way.

Remember: this Shift means whatever it means to YOU. It's up to YOU what you want to do with it, or whether you want to see it positively or negatively. Whatever spin you want to put on it will manifest for you. I say let's use it positively. Let's use it as a catapult to levels where our global problems can be more easily solved: I.e. "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - (Albert Einstein) 

This is the true gift of raising our Light Quotient - we can then have greater hope to solve our long-entrenched problems because we are coming from a higher level of consciousness. We then have a better chance to come together and find ways to change the things that hold us (Humanity) back, in fear and suffering, and keep us imprisoned in duality and separation.
In other words, I feel strongly that solutions to Humanity's problems may have actually come through in the wide-open state that was created on March 19-21, 2015 (I.e. the Equinox causing magnetic shields to collapse and the Total Solar Eclipse within that window, as well as the Polar Dawn... Click here for my newsletter detailing these concepts: http://bitly.com/1F5UIJz)

Please read the complete update here.

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