10 March 2015

The Power of Cosmic Activity ~ Kara Schallock ~ 9 March 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

Every time there is activity in the cosmos, we rise a little higher in vibration and consciousness. As you know, consciousness is the knowing that you are Divine. To the extent this is Truth; or not Truth; for you is how your life goes. And yet, there is opportunity after opportunity to discover Who you are. This is the Soul’s wake-up call to you; sometimes the voice is loud and sometimes soft. It all depends on you. Are you listening or do you need a harsh wake-up call? This past weekend (3/7 & 3/8) we had a large solar explosion which resulted in some very powerful solar flares. Are these wake-up calls from Source? You might have noticed that there has been a massive amount of solar activities over the past few years. They are messages from your Source Soul; your Divinty; to wake up more. And yet the rather human way of looking at everything is to focus only on the surface event. Go beneath the surface and ask, “What is my message?”

With each event, whether it is a solar flare or a comet whizzing by or a Full Moon or an eclipse, we are given enlightening messages of Clarity and Truth…if one is open and still enough to receive them. Most busy their lives with distractions and so miss much. When you can simplify and slow down, you undoubtedly will receive the messages that help guide you along your Ascension Path. The steps may not have all the bells and whistles you desire and may be quite simple, yet each step brings you closer to your identity of being Divine. The stream of Light is constant. Do you feel it or are you too busy to notice? 

The Light is constantly speaking to you and through you and speaks in the Language of the Heart; not intellectually, but in how you feel. It is why for the past several years there has been a push to move out of your head and more into your Heart. You cannot ascend or even grow unless you reside in your Heart. This isn’t about being emotional, for e-motions remove you from the Flow of Now. It is in feeling; intuiting everything in life and then making a choice. It’s in acting on your guided intuition that moves you forward. Many receive messages and then do nothing about them. This does nothing for you and keeps you in the intellect. The separate ego then wants to distract by needing to know what it means and analyzing the details. It is when you can drop your addiction to “the need to know what, why, who, where or what” that life becomes much simpler and sweeter.

When you simplify your life, distractions fall away, you become more detached from life’s interruptions and live life as a walking miracle. Abundance flows to you in all ways. If you perceive that you are not abundant (or anything else), you create more ways to prove that perception to you. When you know you’re Divine, you also see that everything in life flows to you without effort. Then you are in a state of Being I AM. You realize you don’t need anything outside yourself to be better. You don’t need another class or another energy healing, activation or instruction. You have and are all you need. Now, if you choose to do certain things, that has an energy completely different from “need.” Need indicates you are not whole; choice is standing in your Power. Can you be still and just be? Are you comfortable being with you? Can you let everything go and just listen to your Heart and take that guided step? Meditate, for that strengthens your Intuition and your listening/receiving.

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