11 March 2015

The Real Matrix, New Timeline and the Grand Liberation We Will All Be A Part Of ~ Jose Sanchez ~ 10 March 2015

Source: Absolute Radiance

2014 was an incredible year filled with transformations and many wonderful surprises. One of them being the beginning of the five phase process to unified light, which began on the 22nd of September. Since then the veil has been thinning and deteriorating at a rapid pace. Many who are sensitive I’m informed have begun to tap into the subtler and powerful energy fields surrounding dimensional realities which has equally manifested around our universe and our planet. Mother Earth is now vibrating at a much higher frequency which allows her to easily hold the third layer or donut like field. This new filed is similar to a torrodial field but slightly different in how it functions.

Through the creation of this field, her inhabitants have begun to experience extreme shifts in consciousness and transformation an awakening of the mislabeled junk DNA. All of this transformation and shifting of consciousness has sent the controllers into an all out war to suppress the population since everyone is rising above the allowed markers. All light workers have been kept under watch generation after generation, and oppressed not only in our three dimensional reality but also at the fourth dimensional reality.

I might begin jumping from topic to topic so please bear with me, as I’m trying to create a mental image in order to allow everyone to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Through each phase of the unification of light more and more has and is being revealed. Before I go on let me point a small detail regarding the control methods being used to oppress humanity in this case. In a previous article I mentioned the moon being hollowed and within a huge complex or base is used to send out the frequency of the control program. A program that targets the base of the brain, the reptilian brain in the case of humans.

The Moon, Mother Earth
Our moon in a time long forgotten used to be part of a planet in the Orion system. She was part of a trinity of moons belonging to a beautiful planet that radiated outwards powerful pulses. It was like radio signals coming form the core of the planet. The moons acted as amplifiers, thus the signal could reach light years. The purpose of the signal was as a buffering and stabilizer of energy for that quadrant of the universe. The main function is not being revealed at the moment.

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