20 April 2015

Chimera and the Fifteen Multidimensional Beings

Pyramid of Light by Krystleyez

Something that I've been mulling over for some time now...

These Chimera beings (as per Cobra), who are basically the ones controlling this part of Cosmic real estate....are they the same fifteen Multidimensional beings as revealed by Andrew Bartzis? (See post here.)

I haven't followed the latter's work for some time now (for reasons of my own) so I don't really know if he has mentioned more details about these 15 beings (who, because of their sheer immensity, further "split" into several different aspects).

If so (and I believe it's so), then this sort of ties up lots of other versions/sources that have talked about the origins of darkness in this part of the Cosmos. These are the super-powerful (and extremely dark) beings that have "rebelled" against Prime Creator, and intended to "recreate" the Universe according to their "blueprints", without Light. In other words, they were intending to displace Prime Creator and become the new ones.

Thank Heavens (literally) that they will soon become a history that will never be allowed to repeat, ever again.

I've come across so many versions of this "storyline"....and I'm just trying to piece it all together in my own way and according to my own understanding.

This is just me, wondering...Namaste!

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