23 April 2015

Double / Quadruple Rainbows Over Long Island

I got this link from a comment in Cobra's site (The Ganymede Portal) and felt it could perhaps be significant in some way because of Long Island. We have been told by Cobra that this place is the last major access point for the Chimera and it is tied to the plasma scalar network, thereby making its neutralisation a particularly challenging operation; there are also boots-on-the-ground attempts to assist in this endeavour via daily meditations.

So....is the presence of these rainbows some sort of indication of positive progress? May it be so!

This is the link provided by the reader (thank you Chris!). However, since my French is virtually non-existent, I found a couple more links, including a video.

CBS New York

The Red Phoenix (video)

They are just absolutely fabulously stunning!!


  1. Just INCREDIBLE!!! In the first photo, it almost looks like there might be FIVE rainbows...is that two behind the trees?

    A good sign, to be sure! :)


    1. I took a closer look, you could be right!! Wow...what a bonus-bonus, eh?