17 April 2015

Energy Update: LightBody/Ascension Upgrades, Ascension Portal Activated ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 16 April 2015

A 26-minute video from Lisa Transcendence Brown that details what's been occurring with us, energetically and physically in the recent days (I'm glad she mentions the body-burning-up bit); you can watch it here. Thank you, dear Ellie, for letting me know about this 💖

This is also a pep-talk as Lisa reminds us to stay on our path and do what we need to do to assist in our own process. You know the drill ~ going inwards, releasing, surrendering....and to keep on keeping on! Our physical bodies are going through a lot, so we need to especially pay attention to its needs as it continues to undergo the transfiguration from carbon to cyrstalline. Lisa mentions grounding foods, so I'd like to add that for me, sweet potatoes/potatoes/yam/tapioca and dense breads work well for me.

Here for the video; the following is the description for the video:

It has been a very intense month for many, this last week full of physical body upgrades as all bodies merge in light. Physical ascension has hit many hard, pineal gland "explosions", hearts busting/cracking open to obliterate old heart walls that were in place, multi-dimensional embodiment of higher-self aspects for more, Souls ascending from the physical plane as a portal opened up repeatedly for this the last few days. 3 Days of separation for many, 3 days of bliss/integration as a higher-self aspect here... Today has been the release of HUGE attachment energy, obsessive energy, along with adjustments to one's internal gridwork as upgrades to crystalline continue for all. The gut/rib cages/internal structures being adjusted.... we are continuing massive upgrades.... More abundance for all embracing their Ascension journey here... More "necessary" experiences to shown one where they are out of alignment and what is important now... More having to choice, no longer able to avoid... Collapsing timelines and jumping Quantum Style HUGE in every moment with every release of old programs.... Today I observed the energy of "War of Heaven & Hell" surfaces for integration within... WE are the Crystal Grid Keepers and Light Anchors that hold the NEW Earth Grids in place... WE transmute for all with ease when we do all with intention as love and one again. ♥

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