07 April 2015

Integrating the Eclipse Cycle ~ Kara Schallock ~ 6 April 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are in the phase of integrating the recent Eclipse Cycle. As we step further from this energy, we can begin to see what we moved from and into. So much has been transformed, whether it has been conscious or unconscious. Violet Flame energy was gifted to us from our Source Galactic Sun and touched everyone. This Divine Flame moved through and transformed all that was ready to be transformed. For those not yet awake, they may not have realized what was happening and so resisted much, which created great pain within them, as resisting anything results in a schism within and simply is not pleasant; it blocks the Flow.

As we continue to integrate the changes, many will be seduced into repeating past behaviors in order to “fix” things. This is not the way of the New, for we are not to save, rescue or fix anything or anyone. If a person attempts to do this, they retreat back into the old and prevent circumstances and people to be able to move forward in Divine Order. We are to stand strong and firm in our knowing that everyone is on their own path and to rescue them is to deny that they are powerful and responsible for all in their lives. We can, however, be Compassionate Observers, without interfering in their own growth as well as our own. You may want to go back into your old ways of being, yet please resist that temptation. Choose a new way of being. You can still be loving, yet not become embroiled in others’ lessons or drama. Let it go; let it be without feeling the ego-need to fix or rescue.

Everything that has occurred is for your highest evolution, and this can be a painful realization if you are not willing to be in Allowance or want things to remain the same. Ask yourself if you want to experience a higher level of Love or if you want things to remain the same, even if they are painful or abusive.

Many beliefs, emotions and even memories have been transmuted by this Sacred Violet Fire. If you now have more Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding, while still having boundaries around what you’re willing to accept and what you’re unwilling to accept, then you know you’re in a whole new level of being Divine. If someone isn’t treating you with Respect, then by no means do you have to remain in that space. Be sure, however, that you have released all victim energy from you, for if others are not treating you the way you want, you may still be carrying victim energy within. Simply leaving a situation is not enough. Until that victim energy is completely transformed, you will continue to create other similar circumstances until you “get” the lesson; the gift beneath is self-Responsibility, self-Respect, personal Power and Love. There is no suffering in real Love.

Know, too, that as your vibration increases, so does your consciousness. Old forms and ways of being simply cannot survive in a new consciousness of Divinity. If one holds onto the old and familiar while their vibration rises, they create a disparity of energy within that results in pain and suffering. You might wonder what you can do. Accept the changes that present themselves to you. Do not attempt to control, fix or manipulate the changes upon you. Observe and allow, even if it is painful for you at first. It won’t always be painful to let go, once a new way is more integrated. This takes time and Persistence, so be patient with yourself and stay focused on how you want to feel.

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