03 April 2015

Listening to the Silence of the Soul

The sound of silence within is deafening today. I just can't take in anything much ~ after trying to read my daily news/updates (I don't read the papers, watch the news or even TV) in the past hour or so, I'm giving up! My head is just too pressurised and my skin feels like tiny grains of sand have embedded themselves in it ~ my own in-built alert signs that we are in for another wave of intense energies over this Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon period.

Time to listen to that Silence of the Soul :)  A quick reminder to send Love and Gratitude for the new set of incoming Divine frequencies and an intention for your body to be in harmony with all the shifts.


  1. First, please let me apologize for not commenting lately. I've had nothing but trouble accessing the "comments" on my phone, even when I'm supposed to be logged in on my Wordpress account. There have been several times where I've tried to comment, only to be told that I need to log in--even though I supposedly am. Dang technology--or maybe it's just another attempt by "the dark" to keep me from "shining my Light"!! :D

    Anyway, as the animated character "Popeye" always said, "It's all I can stands...I can't stands no more!" So I've turned to the PC in the hope of getting some comments posted. That's my intent, in any case!

    Grace, hang in there. We're with you every step of the way!!!

    With Love,


    1. But look, Stargazer...your Light got through and it's shining so dazzlingly bright I gotta wear shades, as Timbuk3 says ;) You foiled "them", well done!

      Hand to heart, thank you so much for your support...I truly appreciate it. We're all here for each other, and that's how it should be! And we'll get there, we will!! Thanks again <3

      Blessings and Namaste,

      PS. I love spinach :)