21 April 2015

Matias de Stefano: With English Translation

It's been two years since I last posted something from Matias de Stefano, primarily because I didn't manage to find anything that had some sort of English translation. Some days ago, I stumbled upon a few with translation, unintentionally (thank you, Synchronicity!). I've yet to view them, here they are first since I don't quite know when I'll get to them. Depending on the content, I may pull them out as individual posts to highlight.

Here are the videos (ATER TUMTI means Heaven On Earth):

Matias de Stefano at LA 2014

Matias de Stefano: Earth Chakras Part 1 (there are three in total, from what I can see)

Taller ATER TUMTI ~ Primera Parte (Part 1)

Taller ATER TUMTI ~ Segunda Parte (Part 2)

Taller ATER TUMTI ~ Tercera Parte (Part 3)

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