15 April 2015

More NEW Energies in Earth's Magnetic Field Now ~ Denise LeFay ~ 14 April 2015


"Something" definitely happened last week when the geomagnetic storms hit. The world stopped for me as I was floored for several hours, feeling really unwell (I didn't know about the storms until the following day). I used to only monitor sun zaps (Solar Flares) but since that awful day last week I realised I would need to include geomagnetic activity as well.

Denise confirms that we've had a (new) (new) (new) NEW infusion of Divine energies over the past days, and that the outlook continues to be increasingly positive. She also describes her pet's reactions to these energies. From personal experience, I'd like to add that our (non-aware, or stubbornly refusing to be aware) children may be acting out (exploding) in negative ways as they struggle with these ever-increasing frequencies. I say this in an attempt to console some parents whom I know have the same issue with me ~ having children who are intentionally refusing to become aware or resisting their spiritual growth.

Back to Denise's update, which you can read here in its entirety.

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