16 April 2015

Morphological Transmutations Occur Easily at this Moment ~ Gaia Portal ~ 15 April 2015

It is interesting to note that Cobra's latest coded update for the RM is, simply, "MORPH detected".

Source: Gaia Portal

Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment.
Intensities of inner uprisings increase.
Latitudinal excitations permute essentials.
Grand architectural models are shown for all with eyes to see.


  1. My two cents:
    "Grand architectural models are shown for all with eyes to see."
    = 5D Cities of Light are becoming visible for those capable of higher-dimensional vision.

    "Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment."
    = For those with a high light quotient of their 4/7 body system, the transfiguration of their carbon-based (carbon and protein craving) body into their spiritual (light-craving) body of light is accelerating exponentially.

    As always with this oracle from Ireland, I might be totally wrong (which might not even matter, because I may and can easily oracle around cyber-space, too, LOL). So let's just feel inspired, and it's all good no matter what :):

    1. I love your two cents, Lee! I'm in agreement with your interpretation :) And thank you for your encouragement to stay inspired! Love and Namaste