14 April 2015

Nassim Haramein ~ Cognos 2010

This seminar is from 2010 but I've only started watching it. I tried to take notes but gave up because typically with any Nassim Haramein seminars, there's so much ground that he covers. Of course there are some overlaps with his other seminars, but I still enjoyed his talk, nevertheless.

I'm not quite done with the entire seminar yet, and I think there's more than five hours to get through. I'll just post whatever notes I took below. You can watch the first part here; the rest of the other five links are also given, as well as a summary of what Nassim covered.

Some topics covered (they are not in order of presentation; I inadvertently watched them out of order):
  • Starchild Skull and how it yielded several base pairs of ET DNA
  • The ancient site of Gobekli Tepe
  • When we understand the Tree of Life/Knowledge, we would be able to ascend physically
  • Symbology of apple in the Garden of Eden ~ when you cut an apple in half, you can see the torus field with the seed of infinity in the middle
  • Mapping Tree of Knowledge onto the 64-tetrahedron (watch the animation, it's great!)
  • Accessing the vacuum/stillness within, which is the infinite "space" and our centre of existence
  • Casimir Effect and its relationship to the Entanglement Effect, where the vacuum connects everything
  • Universe obeys Laws of Black Hole ~ Black Hole at centre of Sun, Earth, atom
  • We are integral part of space, where information feedback loops back and forth; information comes to us and we provide "experience" data back into the loop
  • Electrons and positrons in atoms appear/disappear into the vacuum very very very fast
  • "We create reality and Reality is creating Us" ~ Consensus reality and the morphogenetic fields affect reality
  • Nassim mathematically proves that "We are ALL One" by the following equation (and this one really made my jaw drop!):  Vacuum Density per proton / Vacuum energy per proton = 5.1 x 10 (power of 93) per cm cubed / 9.6 x 10 (power of -39) per cm cubed = 4.9 x 10 (power of 55) gm = Mass of the Universe
  • Therefore all protons are entangled/connected through structure of vacuum
  • Spiral revolution of planets and Sun (you can watch an amazing animation here or another one here)
  • We each have a singularity within (as above so below) just like the Universe; in meditation we access this point and create the outward energy field
  • Sacred geometry of Crop Circles
  • Nassim also covers the pyramids quite extensively.


  1. Thanks, Grace! It took me a couple of days to work through all six videos, but it was highly informative. I really appreciate Nassim's sense of humor and his presentation made perfect sense--particularly where his explanation of our "Oneness" and the so-called "void" (Source Field, etc.) are concerned.

    I sincerely hope at some point that mainstream science starts taking this guy seriously!



  2. I thought I'd also add that as he was discussing black holes, it occurred to me how similar the experience seems to be in Near-Death Experiences, where the soul consciousness typically travels through a tunnel toward a light. Just some food for thought...


    1. Wow...that's brilliant, Stargazer! I never thought of it that way before :) This just reinforces the fractal existence of Creation....beautiful! Thanks for this lightbulb :D

      The day is soon when Nassim will finally and at long last be regarded as a wise spiritual scientist! Namaste