12 April 2015

Notes From Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz 21-22 March 2015 Part 2 ~ Untwine ~ 11 April 2015

Art by Nicholas Roerich
Once again, we have Antares, Inana and Untwine to thank for this!

If you have been resonating with Cobra's work, then this update is certainly one that you wouldn't want to miss. There is a lot of information that covers the related activities of The Event, as well as a description of what The Event is, energetically and cosmically. To me, this is The Event itself, the cosmic pulse of intense Divine Energies being delivered to us. The Galactis Team (via Alkesh and Maarten Horst, posted here) has also explained very clearly what will actually transpire at the moment of The Event, that is, the deliverance of this great pulse from beyond the Great Central Sun, aided by Lightships.

I'm just going to pull out this segment from the update, which I feel needs to be read more than once:

1. We now make individually an unconditional conscious decision and collectively an unconditional conscious group decision to inhabit our divine individual missions and our divine group mission: To assist the liberation of planet Earth, First Contact and ascension.

2. We invoke assistance, as individuals and as a group, beings and groups of the higher spiritual realms of light; assistance for us as individuals and assistance for us as a group for the liberation of planet Earth, First Contact and ascension.

3. Finally we act on that unconditional conscious decision as individuals belonging to a planetary group : the Network of Light. We act on the unconditional conscious decision for the liberation of planet Earth, First Contact and ascension; unique beings of light building one planetary group of light, like one diamond with many facets.

The now regained Network of Light will remain like this forever until eternity and from now on it will get better every hour, with every decision, invocation and action of you, right now, right in this moment. The Archons are now unable to ever disturb it again. The Network of Light is now becoming stable, so the likelihood for the Event to happen is increasing at every moment very fast.

Please read the complete update here.

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