18 April 2015

Notes from Cobra and Isis Conference in Konstanz Part 3 ~ 21-22 March 2015 ~ Untwine

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I'll likely add some highlights later. Thank you to Antares, Inana, Taygeta and Untwine for sharing this :)

Source: Recreating Balance

This is the third part, written by Antares, translation by Inana. This was originally posted in German on Transinformation.net

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These are written as if Cobra was speaking, although these are not what he said word by word, but paraphrasing what he said. Cobra has read these notes and confirmed them.

Cobra :

We can already now visualize healing centers and communities, with healed ecosystems and abundance for every being. We are creating all this and we will get guidance and support for doing so.

Question from participant : How about balance between nature and technology, with sacred geometry included, bringing again harmony between earth and sky ?

Cobra’s answer : We recreate this while humanity as a whole determines the speed of the process.

The positive extraterrestrials will be visible in public when the masses are ready. Some might have contact of such sort already shortly after the Event. We can be contacted when we are ready for it. At the beginning contacts with the extraterrestrials will happen to people like us, so our reports can be shown in the media and people can see that it is nothing dangerous. During those contacts we will experience much joy and when it gets sent through the media it will deprogram the masses. When something gets shown in the media, it becomes "okay", this is the programming : When Brad Pitt would say, he had positive contact with ETs, the masses would believe it to be a good thing. So it has to be sent through the media. Only for people with deep religious programming it can get a bit more difficult.

Financial Reset :

On this planet everything and everybody has something to do with money, because life has been organized like that by intent, everybody has to fight for survival. Already now there are many technologies available that would allow all of humanity to live in abundance without the artificial construct of lack-consciousness. Up to now money has been used as an instrument to control and not as a tool to exchange energy. It gets presented to the masses as if it would be a tool for exchange, in truth it is used for sustaining the old power structures over the masses.

The Event is a financial new beginning and now we are in the Pre-Event phase. What is happening right now within the financial system is the creation of an alternative reality through the Eastern Alliance/BRICS states. As you can see this has permeated to the news of the mass media. The BRICS states have created the Development Bank. Last Friday (20.3.2015) the rate for gold exchange has been redefined, it now gets determined from Shanghai also and not only from London. This means that the Eastern Alliance determines the gold price as well. Throughout history, the financial system was always gold backed and only in the last century this was different.

During the Reset the gold backing of the financial system will get reintroduced again. At the moment, the new infrastructure is growing steadily : the light forces and the Eastern Alliance have created the Development Bank, the new gold exchange rate, and different alternative paying systems. This has been accomplished especially through China and Russia. Everything happens step by step and gets prepared for the moment of the Event, so that the global financial system can be shut down.

The institutions of the old system have been created by the cabal and are working only for them: Worldbank, IWF, FED, Swift. Nearly all of the money goes to them through a branched self-contained computer network. Only the Resistance Movement has special access to that system : in July 2012 they created a specific virus which can be activated at any time, so it will destroy the complete computer network of the old financial system. As the virus gets constantly updated to the cabal financial computer system, it can be activated at any moment. When the button gets pressed nothing will work in the financial system : no money will come out of the machines, no credit cards can be used, no stock market... Everybody will be excluded from access to all of that at the time of the Event. The purpose of that is to cut off the cabal from their access to the money of the world. This is a major part of the Reset. All debts will get deleted (except some debts between private people -after approval). Most of the debts are illegally created, they have their origin in the abusive money system of the cabal.

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Some highlights...the actual transcript itself has way way way more details, so please don't depend on just my highlights, do read the whole transcript if you wish to gain a better picture :)
  • Media programming has meant that we will only believe what the media presents, so initial contact will be limited to those who are ready, and their positive experiences released via media for the rest of the public
  • Financial reset preparations proceeding well in stages; in July 2012 "virus" introduced and tested successfully; this will be used to disable the system when the time arrives (is this what he means?)
  • Access to ALL forms of monetary transactions related to financial system will cease at time of The Event (ATMs, credit cards, stock markets...), this is major part of Reset
  • Banks will close for up to 2 weeks, have cash ready, or silver/gold
  • Partial Disclosure will occur and massive de-programming will commence
  • Transition phase may be challenging but once new systems come online, recovery is fast, eventually leading to money-less society
  • Most of gold in Asia now in custody of RM
  • St Germain Trust to be used for Lightwork that will benefit all, such as healing centres
  • Use higher spiritual wisdom to become "invisible" to the system, this creates cracks in the Matrix
  • St Germian is THE Light Force behind Eastern Alliance
  • No WW3; CERN being monitored by Light Forces
  • I really like this from Cobra: We are all sovereign beings and we do not need to prove our sovereignty through fighting with institutions and authorities in that way. We do not need to make a drama about our sovereignty, we can just live as sovereign beings and the key for that is information and it starts with your decision to liberate yourself - first energetically, then it materializes in the physical.

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