02 April 2015

Notes From Konstanz Cobra Conference Part 1 ~ 21-22 March 2015 ~ Untwine

Love and Gratitude to Antares, Taygeta, Inana and Untwine for making this available!

Source: Recreating Balance

These notes were taken by somebody with the codename 'Antares', and somebody else who also attended the conference, with the codename 'Taygeta', has re-read them to confirm and add missing details. This was originally posted in German on transinformation.net

Translated into English by Inana, some words are added with highest intent as the translator has attended the conference as well.

These are personal notes made with best intent and capability, they are not what Cobra said word by word. However, they have been read and confirmed by Cobra.
Anyway, we think and hope that you might find interest in them, and that they will lead to some new insights.

Antares, Taygeta, Inana & Untwine


Please read on...

**Some personal notes:
  • Our Galactic Family is accelerating the Breakthrough process, but we are also part of the equation. We must therefore play our own individual role through our own participation
  • The triangulation of the three Galaxies to completely dissolve all spiritual darkness was made billions of years ago...exhale...there are many sources that describe the darkness as a creational anomaly that wasn't intended. If you would like to explore more about Galactic History and need some suggestions, just click on the category section on the right-side of this blog which says "Human and Galactic History"
  • This process of dissolution is in its final stage
  • "The Central Sun is a giant Goddess"...it is interesting to note that Sheldan Nidle insists that Suns are feminine; as far as I know, Sheldan and now Cobra are the only two to refer to a Sun as feminine; there is some background about this here if you are keen to know more.

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