23 April 2015

Q&A With Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 16 April 2015

***Updated with some highlights ~ 27 April 2015, sorry it took so long!***

I will attend to this later, so here is the link to the interview at The Promise Revealed, where you will find the transcript available as well! In fact, Rob Potter encourages us to read the transcript because there's additional clarification there. Highlights later!

Summary of some topics discussed:
  • Jade Helm ~ double-edged sword that can be seen as Cabal-directed or interpreted as positive military operation; The Event will be triggered if things get out of control based on risk assessment, bearing in mind Chimera's control over strangelet/toplet bombs and hostage situation; this is their trump card in the Solar System
  • Same situation with new infrastructure banks, can be viewed as another global control or operative arm of Light Forces
  • Ben Fulford ~ select the encoded gems of intel and don't worry about the rest
  • Corey "GoodETxSG" intel could be based on situation 10-20 years ago (when it was very fragmented and compartmentalised) but Cobra is unable to confirm this; he however supports his work
  • Cobra does confirm the presence of the motherships that Corey revealed
  • About perspectives from Ascended Beings: "... perspective of reality is more a perspective of oneness that manifests in different fragmentations through lower dimension.  It is not a pragmatic perspective itself."
  • Humanity doesn't need to learn lessons the hard way, this is a programming of the Archons (**I so agree with this!!!)
  • When Archons mass invaded in 1996 (to exponentially expand their existing presence) the Moon was completely overtaken; Light Forces arrived between 2001-2004 to enforce their liberation process; most of negative bases already removed but what remains is still classified for now
  • Pleiadian star cluster did have elements of Dark influence, seen during the Atlantean period but they are now basically of the Light
  • (Cobra says that the information in Prism of Lyra is incorrect! I spend a long time digesting that book a couple of years ago ~ posted here ~ even drawing out diagrams of the Lyran migration outwards...)
  • Sirian B (previously dark influence) also now integrated with Sirian Alliance
  • Sirius A, home of the Blue Lodge and mission of 144,000 ascended masters: "Sirius A is the Beacon of Light for this local cluster of stars in this local sector of the galaxy.  Sirius A was holding the light when the Archon invasion happened and filled this quadrant of this galaxy with trillions upon trillions of dark entities.  Because of Sirius A we are still alive and here.  Because of Sirius A and their light, I am talking to you right now." You can read more about it here.
  • Nibiru is not an "object" of any sort; it refers primarily to the Archon agenda of suppressing Goddess energy and genetic experimentation in Sumer
  • Tachyon chambers already available on the surface, the really powerful ones will come online after The Event
  • After plasma bombs are cleared, we will feel the breakthrough. Whether anymore obstacles after this stands in the way of The Event is unknown but Chimera clearing progressing well
  • "First, you need to understand that history does not repeat in cycles. It repeats in spirals.  That means that evolution accelerates and each cycle is faster than the previous one.  Those cycles converge. The convergence point of those cycles is the compression breakthrough.  It simply means that there is a certain purification process taking place throughout the galaxy that converges on this planet.  Because this planet is, number one, the prime real estate for the galaxy.  This is why so many different races were claiming it for themselves.  Second, it is the convergence point for the transformation of galactic darkness.  As we are coming closer to the convergence point, things accelerate and escalate.  This is exactly what is happening now.  At the moment of the compression breakthrough, the light penetrates through and is victorious. This is the moment when the darkness and all those different races with those different agendas can not play their tricks any more because they will be cleared out.  This is one aspect of the story.  The other aspect is people many times tend to perceive the situation from a victim perspective. Oh, I’m a pure human and there are other races manipulating over my destiny, when in fact each person, each of us, is a sovereign being with full intention of the I Am Presence, and if you connect with that potential and practice it, you will not be able to be manipulated by any body with no Draconian overloads or any other being.  All those fears are based on, I would say, not putting enough attention on your own connection with your own higher self and your own power of manifestation."
  • Most starseeds' missions will be revealed to them after The Event
  • Ireland's famine was engineered to create cheap labour, suppress Goddess energy and suppress awakening
  • The light at the end of the tunnel after death ~ it's not a trick, it's a real situation.

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