11 April 2015

Revelation and Reframing of Realities ~ Sandra Walter ~ 10 April 2015

Sandra's update requires careful reading...what she has to say is pertinent for us to know. I believe that the week just past was extremely potent; and yesterday's geomagnetic flares...!!!

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Thank you for your patience with my absence during the Gateway. Substantial shifts have occurred, the New Light level is dramatic, and it increases with each Divine breath. Beloveds, we have entered one of the most powerful passages in our transformation.

I AM sure many of you are on board and experiencing the great lifting of Souls already. There are many revelations to share over the next few weeks, including the new energy field alignments. My goodness what a remarkable experience, we are so blessed! For those experiencing difficulty, know that we are holding a huge space for you to step into. Lightservers, we have five months of intense focus upon us. 

Revelation and the Reframing of Realities
As mysteries are unlocked during this passage of time, our realities are being completely recalibrated. Honor the personal revelations and synchronicities which present to you as all is aligned with the Higher Truth. As always; integrate quickly, do not dwell on the old as it leaves.

The New Levels of Light, which increase each moment now, may make it feel like your cells are blowing in every direction. The implosion/explosion of the activated Solar Heart Center will do this, and it in turn activates the crystalline structures you have been working on all of these years. Hence the sensations of expansion, expansion, expansion. Be sure to take care of the body and mind as they are altered to meet the demands of the New Light Levels. Use the Creator Breath, align and expand. Forerunners will need to keep ahead of the frequency during 2015. Re-read the earlier guidance if you are feeling unclear on what is unfolding.

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