08 April 2015

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 7 April 2015

There are some highlights which I'll expand on (based on my own understanding but which in no way implies it's the "truth" so please turn your discernment setting to "high"), but you can proceed to the message itself here. 

** When the time comes, you are to be moved quickly to your Agarthan homes
"The time" refers to the terra-forming phase that our beloved Planet will go through as she transforms back to her pristine condition before her own descent (in order to "accommodate" the Fall of Man, vibrationally-speaking). Before "Earth" (3D), the Planet was known as "Terra" (5D), and before that, "Gaia" (7D), in HU (Harmonic Universe) 1, 2 and 3 respectively. So this means Mother Gaia will "reclaim" her surface, which in turn means no cement, highways, steel, factories etc. Plus the existing continents will shift to accommodate the resurfacing of Lemuria, Atlantis and Greater Sri Lanka.

** The landings have been somewhat altered by the Agarthans and us. These things we are to discuss with you at length in some succeeding messages. 
Altered to...? I'll be looking forward to the details :)

** The surface of any inhabited planet is sacred to it. Once you have learned this, you can see how only a low population can remain at any one time on the surface.
Most advanced civilisations live beneath the surface, as all Planets are hollow (including stars eg. our Sun). I assume that that's because of the toroidal force that births each Cosmic body?

** The key phrase here is “taking responsibility” for your home world...We require your participation. What is set upon this land is a new responsibility.
Empowered Beings are Responsible Beings!

** This star nation is to blossom and, in ease, teach much to those who were once so dark.
Our experience, garnered from lifetimes of incarnations, will be valuable knowledge for those who need to learn to return to Light. What we've gone through (lower density with hijacked "free" will, under dark deception and manipulation) will never be allowed to occur again. THANKFULLY!!!!

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