15 April 2015

Solara's April 2015 Surf Report

Really good update from Solara!!

Source: The NVisible  
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    On April 4th, during the time of the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse, we passed through a new energetic doorway and felt an immediate shift in the energy. It felt like a heavy blanket of fog had been suddenly removed, to reveal a sparkling new landscape. This energetic doorway was a significant marker of NO DOWN, NO RETURN. Even though we may not have been able to see this energetic doorway, we strongly felt it.

    Through this open doorway is a greatly expanded vista with a sharper focus and brighter, more vibrant colors. Everything tingles with enhanced Trueness. Once we step into this expanded area of our New Landscape, large portions of our old landscape and old lives naturally fall away.

    We have reached a new stage of our impending Convergence. Although the Convergence won't take place until the end of June, we are already receiving promptings from our Heart's Knowingness about it. Many of us are feeling the call of the Convergence and don't quite know what it is yet.

    At the same time that we are moving closer to Convergence, there are people who are being spun out of our lives. In some cases, this is happening because we are starting to inhabit the New Reality and they choose to remain in duality. But this isn't true of everyone.

    Some of the people who are getting spun out of our lives are close friends whom we love dearly and who also love us. They haven't lost their way or gotten stuck into duality. But the energetic connection between us is dissolving. Often it feels like we are calling to each other across an ever widening void. All we can hear is a hollow echo.... echo.... echo. And each time we call out, they feel further and further away.

    April presents many of us with a new blank canvas. It asks us to discover what kind of life we really want. We are being given the opportunity to completely reinvent our lives on a totally blank canvas. This is when it's most important to bring forth our expanded focus and LOOK LARGER. What we don't want to do is to simply move our old life into a new environment, because if we do this, we will miss the chance to make a quantum shift into the New Reality. It's also important that we don't try to fill up our blank canvas with meaningless scribbles, simply to put something there so it won't feel so empty. Everything that we put on it needs to be ultra true and real.

    There's a strong element of Seeing the Unseen in April which enables us to see with a finer clarity many previously hidden and untrue elements, within our inner being, outer lives and the world at large. The root source of the world's "problems" is becoming clearer. We can see how the forces of greed and corruption have usurped the world's governments, corporations and financial systems. It's becoming obvious that we can't correct this by working within the system. Instead we have to physically anchor a completely New Reality; then we need to totally inhabit this New Reality, so we no longer feed or support the old system. This is why it's urgent to create anchoring points of the New Reality - Beacons of Trueness, such as the Heart of AN in Peru.

    April is a powerful month when a great doorway opens for many of us. It ushers in a period where we will be grounding and solidifying the monumental changes we've been experiencing. It's now time for us to become even more comfortable with the vibrant colors of our New Landscape and to let them infuse our entire being as we accept this heightened New Reality as our predominant reality. To apply our newly acquired wisdom and awareness into all aspects of our daily lives. And to fully accept that now is the time when we must start living True Lives as True Ones.

    We are nearing the end of a cycle in which we will bring some major tasks to completion. Some of us will prepare to let go of old jobs and relationships. Long standing projects will finally be finished. This will free us to go full speed into our True Direction, or if we're already there, to solidify and refine what we've created..

    We are now officially in the NO DOWN - NO RETURN Zone and from here on, this is a permanent place for us to be. We can often sense the shifting sands beneath our feet and are learning to instantly see the solid spots of Trueness as each one appears for stability. We are also realizing that we can no longer be random with where we put our energy; everything we do has to be absolutely TRUE.

    All month long, we will be clearing our new path and creating new ways to manifest the truest lives possible. We will receive numerous hints and clues pointing us to our True Direction. New connections and exciting opportunities will appear from Out of the Blue.

    This is a small fragment of Solara's complete APRIL 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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  1. The divine Freedom Portal is now wide open. Creator Most High brought it back to Earth personally.
    All of my Intentions, Visions, Prayers and Invocations will from now on be magnified a thousandfold:

    I envision a planet of love, light, healing, peace, happiness and harmony.

    I manifest that all of the loving, uplifting and happy energies of the current and future times be magnified a thousandfold.

    I invoke that they be maintained and sustained permanently upon the planet.

    I call forth the great breakthrough of GAIA's ascension back into the light realms NOW.

    I invoke that the transfiguration of my physical into my beautiful spiritual body of light is accelerated.

    I AM speeding up becoming ONE with my highest self, my mighty I AM presence.

    I see any remaining pockets of lower consciousness on and around Gaia be dissolved by the Light.

    From now on, I intend to only be filled with love, light, peace, faith, confidence, forgiveness, compassion, appreciation, gratefulness, and JOY anymore.

    And SO IT IS! Amen, Amen, Amen.

    1. Lee, this is simply beautiful, thank you <3 I'm posting this on its own, if you have no objections. Namaste!

  2. "Although the Convergence won't take place until the end of June".

    Two comments about that from my side:

    First I prefer Solara's term for The Event to Cobra's 'Compression Breakthrough'. I like the image of the different layers of light harmoniously converging into the ONE light.

    Second, this is the second mention of end of June for The Event for me within a few days! First mention was by Master Serapis Bey on AliceAnn's Oakroase Academy Of Light 41st tele-conference last Sunday April 12. There is no transcript of it yet, but MSB's words were:

    "A major change is coming in the atmospheric resonance in human spirituality. It is going to be

    more earth-shaking than any earthquake. Why? Because the Divine Father has opened the corridors of light which allow the divine presence to prevail upon the earth. And it is coming soon to your local planet. In this time, we will have an opportunity to feel such great love from the Lord Christ - from the Christed One [..].

    We suspect, but cannot predict, that this will occur before June 21st, the Summer solstice of 2015."

    The transcript should be visible at some point at http://oakroseacademyoflight.org/.

    So then, let's hope for once and for all have said good-bye to 3D, duality etc. pp. by the end of June.

    Onto my question if The Event will come as a surprise to everyone incl. even the Ascended Masters, MSB replied laughing something like (didn't re-listen for exact quote), "It will be much more of a surprise to you on earth than for us, because we are used to these energies".

    Thought this information (Cobra would say 'Intel', LOL) might be helpful to some.

    1. Ditto for this comment, Lee.

      June? Just a breath away!! As Picard would say...MAKE IT SO!!! and we'll all say AND SO IT IS!!! Namaste :)