13 April 2015

Star Wars VII Trailer

Time for some irrelevance :)

I didn't know there's going to be a Star Wars VII until I found out from a friend. Although I'd like to pretend that Star Wars I, II and III never existed (I wish...) I was nevertheless curious enough to watch the trailer. Hmmm...

It's due out in December 2015 and oh-my-goddess do I wish and intend like crazy that Life would have changed so much by then that "movies" would be totally redundant.

Back to the trailer...I love that cute rolling droid (pictured above)!! And from the 90-second peek, the movie looks promising. But-but-but...what's with the cross-guard on the Light sabre?? Sigh.

New Light sabre
The Light sabre that's wa-a-ay more sci-fi

However, I'm very encouraged with the title "The Force Awakens" (sounds really good, huh?) and the opening narrative "There's been an awakening...have you felt it?"

I did say right at the beginning that this was going to be an irrelevant post, yes?  :) And yes, Yoda is my favourite Star Wars character.

If you haven't yet watched the trailer and would like to do so, please go here.

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