29 April 2015

Staying The Course ~ A Reminder from Stargazer

This is a comment from Stargazer in response to my previous post "Breaking Point and Breakthrough". I'm posting it on its own because I feel that it's a positive reminder for us to stay the course, especially when the external world is going through its own upheaval as the matrix continues to disintegrate, and when our own Planet's transformation is long overdue.

Thank you for your thoughts, Stargazer! I'd just like to add on to one of the points he makes about people waking up to the manipulative controls. This current lower density hologram is one that was never meant to play out in such an excessively negative manner. We do not need to be learning lessons "the hard way"; it seems to be that way only because we have been hard-wired and programmed to believe that suffering is part of the lesson. IT IS NOT. We have our own SOVEREIGNTY to say "NO" and reject the illusions that are being presented to us as "real". Once we begin the process of withdrawing ourselves from being a consenting (whether consciously or otherwise) participant in the Matrix, we begin our own long-overdue inner journey back to Who We Truly Are.

And remember, this "reality" will only hold for as long as WE, collectively through the morphogenic/morphogenetic quantum field, continue to allow its creational existence. As Stargazer said, we have the choice!

Sorry for rambling on your post, Stargazer...my fingers insisted...  :)

Comment from Stargazer:
Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Grace! I DEFINITELY see it (particularly with the validating synchronicity of the sun halo) as being overwhelmingly positive.

Along with several other examples, Merriam-Webster defines "breaking point" as:

1) The point at which a person gives way under stress;
2) The point at which a situation becomes critical.

"Breakthrough" is defined as:

1) a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc. : an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something;
2) an act or instance of breaking through an obstacle.

My feeling is that, before we can learn to balance ourselves, master duality, and move ourselves to the next stage of our evolution ("New Earth"), many will need to be pushed to the breaking point. There will undoubtedly be more "earth changes" (earthquakes, large storms, lava flows, eruptions, etc.). There will also undoubtedly be more civil unrest, military skirmishes, and power struggles. These conditions are simply the effect of much higher incoming energies on our physical, mental, and astral forms. I think of it as being like when mom or dad used to come in and shake me awake in the morning. "Come on, son! Time to wake up! Let's get the day started...now what do you want to make of it?" Those who are still half asleep may struggle a bit, try to shrug it off, and go back to sleep--but they'll eventually be stirred into action. Some may even refuse to wake up and the souls of many may decide to "check out" completely (experience death in this physical body). It will all be that particular soul's choice.

I believe we're all in exactly the right place and existing under all the right conditions to make the choice we need to make. Some are in volatile, war-torn areas. Some will be in areas struck by natural disaster or civil unrest. Others may find themselves in areas that are physically untouched. But all will be affected and will make exactly the right choice for their own spiritual growth.

When we finally all awaken and rub the sleep from our eyes, many will be surprised at what they see. It is at that point that our collective "Ah Ha" moment (breakthrough) and "The Event" will occur. Much of the veil will have been removed and we'll be able to see things as they are--we'll finally understand how we've been manipulated, who (and what) we really are, and we'll be given the opportunity to make a decision. We can choose to continue our learning and experience on the old 3D path (reacting in fear, anger, or hatred), or we can choose a much higher (5D) existence and respond with compassion, Love, and gratitude.

I see this whole process as a birth--where the pressure is greatest just before a precious new being is born. Pain, pressure, and exhaustion, in an instant, will suddenly give way to relief, love, and pure joy! Then the healing may begin.

Whatever happens, we're always given the choice. We can choose how we wish to continue our return to Creator--or even not. All is well. It's all good.

With very much Love,



  1. "Ramble" as much as you like, Grace! I'm always glad to read about your thoughts and am honored to be featured on your page. Thanks for the very kind words!



    1. Thank YOU for shining your Light, Stargazer <3