11 April 2015

The "Etheric Wizard Cap" To Help You See Clearly and Get Rid of Those Pestering Thoughts ~ Anna Merkaba ~ 11 April 2015

Source: Sacred Ascension

As we all already know the universe and our very own cells are always listening, intently, to every single thought that occurs in our energy field. Each thought begins to quickly take shape, and sooner or later becomes what is known as a thought form. Just thinking about anything intently sends a wave of energy frequency out into the universe having the universe, our guides, the source, manifest whatever it is that we are thinking about.

Sometimes when we are angry at someone we begin to think rather negative thoughts about them, without intending to do so we actually generate a lot of energy and send it their way! The same thing occurs with thinking positively about someone, sending them love and light.

Whatever we think about, we generate, and send out into the universe. Not only that, but as it has been recently discovered by our very own scientists, our brain cannot tell the difference whom we are thinking/talking about! Whenever we generate any type of thoughts directed at someone else, our cells quickly respond to the energy that we generate and begin to act accordingly.

Thereby thinking something positive, and wishing something positive to someone else influences us directly, the same thing happens when we think of something negative. That is why I say “POSITIVE VIBES CREATE POSITIVE LIVES!”

So how can we think about something without having to be aware of the type of energy we are generating, still get a chance to work it out within our minds and not affect anything in the universe?
The answer seems to be quite simple! Put on a THINKING CAP!
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