20 April 2015

The True Matrix Story (Based on Cobra's Updates) ~ Therese Zumi Sumner ~ 19 April 2015

It would be fair of me to assume that anyone reading Cobra's updates would certainly have gulped down the Red Pill at some point, being "introduced" to such information either through Cobra himself or some other source. It's my opinion that if you were introduced via Cobra, then consider yourself fairly blessed, because I find that the way he presents information to be a little more subtle than others; there's a thankful absence of drama.

While I won't mention names, my introduction to the Red Pill was through a couple of very melodramatic sources, and the information they presented would certainly frighten the living daylights out of unsuspecting people. I myself am still surprised that I didn't freak out; perhaps some memory of this truth spared me the shock.

Back to this. Therese Zumi Sumner is like the Cobra expert, as I've mentioned before. Her article was referenced in Cobra's latest update, and I felt that it needed to be a separate post on its own. Therese's article is artfully and meticulously stitched together, based on intel that Cobra has released. If anyone wishes a very good synopsis of what's behind the Wizard's curtain, then this is a great place to start. Very useful for us to show people who are just beginning to contemplate swallowing that giant Red Pill. (I recommend a comfy place to sit and a giant pot of tea afterwards.)

Please proceed straightaway to Therese's article here.

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