22 April 2015

Your Starseed Presence ~ The Team via Peggy Black ~ 21 April 2015

There seems to be a "Starseed" theme today....

If you haven't watched the video referenced in this message, I recommend that you give it a try (I've posted it before here), it's about the 432 Hz connection to the threads of Creation.

I'm copying the full message here as I believe it only appears in the newsletter, which you can sign up for at Peggy's website here. Her message is below, followed by that of the "Team":

___________ My Personal Message___________
I believe it is an understatement to say that the energy has been intense, especially the days between the Solar and the Lunar eclipses.  Friends, clients and family seem to be dealing with incredible shifts and challenges. The end of March I was once again in Sacramento with my daughter, who was having another cardiac ablation. Unfortunately it seems there may need to be another. I know that many of you in the morning messages community are personally having health challenges or someone in your family is. These situations certainly "build  character" as my daughter said.  I appreciate your prayers for her and the understanding of those who had to change their appointments.

There is a house being built in the meadow directly in front of my home. So I am dealing with disturbing changes in my surroundings. This meadow has offered the most incredible views and beauty throughout the seasons, deer feeding morning and night, wild flowers blooming, fog dancing with the sunrise and breathtaking full moon risings. I must remember to be grateful for the 38 years of this stunning vista.

The Lunar eclipse was especially profound for me. My sleeping loft has windows which allow me to see the moon as it tracks across the night sky.  I awoke at 11:22 and was awake till after 4:00am. The light bathing me and the energy moving through me was awesome. I felt like I was being recalibrated as I downloaded and anchored this energy. It was a gentle loving blissful energy yet very powerful. I am grateful for what was offered.

I have just returned from Kauai and visiting my daughter and her family. It was a nice time to relax, renew and enjoy the shift in my surroundings. Unfortunately, I had to rush home to deal with a family emergency here - update to follow.

This is a wonderful video if you have an interest in watching. It dovetails perfectly with a dream I had of being shown how to use numerics in my voice to unlock and activate portals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY74AFQl2qQ

It is such an honor to hold the space for our connection and this community.  I am so touched by your generous Bluesky donations. I am grateful for your support. May you be blessed a thousand fold. Our community continues to expand, thank you for sharing this site and these messages.

I am honored to have witnessed your sessions with the 'team' and thank you for the wonderful emails I have received. You truly enrich my life beyond measure. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter.  Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the 'Team' _________ 

Your Starseed Presence
Peggy Black and the 'team'
We are here connecting with you through the energy of these words. Words carry the energy of meaning as uniquely translated by your beliefs and programs. We find your words extremely limiting in offering expanded awareness of your true multidimensional existence.

You do not have words to illustrate many of the concepts and truths available to you as a divine, multidimensional being in human form. However since this is the tool that is available and which carries our energy, we use it to invite you to expand again and again.

When we say that you are beings of light, we realize that you have heard this concept many times, yet it might still sound a bit far out to you. It is, however, the truth. As we have expressed before, every cell, as well as your DNA, emits biophotons of light. Imagine that your very skin is like natural solar panels and the energies and frequencies given by the sun, moon and stars continually recharge your aliveness.

The electromagnetic emissions from your cells can now be measured with your modern instrumentation. We realize that you experience yourself as this solid and dense physical form. That is what this experience is about, to recognize that you have a physical vehicle, yet you are a starbeing.  You are the essence of light energy that happens to be vibrating at a low frequency which gives you the sense of being solid.

Your real state of existence is a being of light energy. Yet while you are focused on the physical aspect, you are always offering your personal energy signature to all you encounter. Remember, your personal energy signature is influenced by what you have experienced, what you have been taught and what you have been led to believe as well as by the state of your emotions.

As you become aware that you are more than your physical form, consider that you might be a true member of the Galactic family and a starseed being.  When you begin to accept this as a real possibility, and understand who you truly are, you begin to expand into your starseed presence.

When you consciously, on purpose, begin to release any limited beliefs and patterns you have acquired, when you clear your emotional storage, when you stop repeating your non-supportive stories, you begin elevating yourself to the higher dimensions. As you begin to refine your energy signature, you vibrate at a higher and purer form of the light spectrum, you begin to own and express yourself as a being of bio-luminosity, a being of light, a true starseed being.

As your frequencies and vibrations increase, the other dimensions become more available to your awareness.  Of course this is the goal, is it not?

Your planet is in flux, it is shifting as well, moving to the higher dimensions. You are the active part of this occurring, for you are anchoring more and more conscious light vibrations within the very cells of your physical form.

You are a powerful being of manifestation. Your thoughts, words and emotional focus impact the   quantum field. You are interfacing with this energy field in each moment. You are entrained and resonate with this unified field. So when you begin to expand your light quota and hold your focused intentions from a higher level of consciousness, you begin interfacing with the 4th and 5th dimensions of light consciousness.

You are here to anchor your starseed awareness into this reality. When you move your focused attention from the imposed limitations of the 3rd dimension, you begin to remember and open up to your awesome abilities and gifts.

Every situation and every perceived problem now occurring on your planet can and will be resolved with solutions generated from the higher realms of truth. Throughout your history there have been those who have tapped into these higher realms and created music which continues to inspire, art that continues to trigger emotions, and inventions that have changed the course of your history.

So it is a matter of you knowing that you also have the ability and can tap into these higher states of consciousness, realizing that there will be a flow of inspiration and solutions that will be downloaded so to speak.  Play with this possibility; allow your imagination to travel to a place where the answers will be revealed. Trust the process. Practice and allow for this to unfold.

When you allow yourself to step outside your limited, perceived reality, you open the doors to unlimited awesome abilities. When you can acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator of your reality, you can begin to make the necessary shifts in attitudes that will change the very reality you are experiencing.

We are inviting you to play big. We are inviting you to own your power to make a difference in your personal life experience as well as the world events. You are invited to own this truth.

Remember, your focused intention will manifest. So begin to embrace yourself as a divine co- creator of this reality. Elevate and evolve your thinking, discard any limited beliefs. Allow yourself to play with the possibilities. Imagine that you are unlimited and as an unlimited, divine starbeing, what would you create?

Your focused intention does affect your reality. Imagine that your focused intentions are capable of changing the very molecular structure of matter.  It is the highly coherent frequencies of your light awareness that gives this focus its power to transform.

It is this personal awakening that is occurring in the hearts and minds of humanity that will transform this planet.  Realize that energy of thought can and will alter the reality that is the focus. When you begin to reach the frequencies of the higher dimensions and allow yourself to receive and download solutions to the current situations, you are actively bringing more conscious light awareness to the whole.

We are honored to remind you of your true power to create, your true connection with the stars. We celebrate your starseed awareness. We celebrate you stepping into this truth with deep gratitude for your personal work and service that you continue to offer to humanity from your divine presence in partnership with your physical focus.  We are always available by your request. the 'team'
©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

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