22 April 2015

Time Warps, "Origins", Spreading Light Codes and Divine Connection

Orgarnic Light ~ Ann Croon
***Note: I had actually written this yesterday, and wanted to let it sit for a day before posting, as is my usual practice, in case I feel later on that it wasn't necessary. About 12 hours after writing this, I felt the energies building up again, but not dramatically...yet. I then remembered that Sandra Walter mentioned another wave from 23-26 April. And what made me decide to go ahead and post this was Gaia Portal's update today about "Starseeds choosing their path..."***

What a long title. I was tempted to just type "Stuff" but felt I should make a better effort than that :)  Things seem to have quietened down a bit in the past couple of days, so I thought I'd share some thoughts before the action picks up again. Of course, I'm referring to "things" energy-wise...it feels like we are having a short breather before we get another dose from the Cosmos.

Time Warps
I know that we've all experienced time warps but the rate at which this occurs seems to be increasing, especially during energy peaks. This just exarcebates the already significantly-compressed time as we zoom through its corridor. I find that I sit down for a moment to contemplate something, and when I get up again, a good 30 minutes have passed! Or I'm doing something fairly mundane that normally would take about 10 minutes, but when I'm done I realise that it actually took 20 minutes.

I'm getting better at doing less and being more. It would be utterly meaningless and futile if I were to carry on as if we've had the same 24-hours duration as we had, say, 5 years ago, or even 3 years ago for that matter. "Being" takes on a sense of priority over "doing", and we get better at prioritising :)

Spreading Light Codes
You may know that I try very hard to be a semi-recluse, but I've noticed a pattern developing over the past couple of years that I found distressing initially, but in recent months I've come to finally accept the situation.

Typically, when I'm aware of some potent energy periods, I do all I can to ensure that I get to rest at home as much as possible. This is because I'm usually very affected by the energies, and sometimes need to zone out completely. However, there have been several occasions when something urgent crops up and I have to be in a public place somewhere. I used to be in despair whenever this happens, because I would have to take many precautions to remain as well as possible (constantly glugging down water, remembering to breathe deeply, staying in a semi-meditative state, keeping as cool as possible when the energy "fires up" my body, drink pink salt solution/chlorophyll etc) in a very public place with lots of people around me. Not very convenient at the best of times.

It wasn't until a few months ago that I came to accept the growing feeling that this "inconvenience" is something that I had to do during some energy periods. I reluctantly recognise that some of us need to get "out there" and help to spread and anchor the Light Codes that are being delivered to Mother Gaia and Humanity. We all have different duties as Light Servers, and for some, this is one of them ~ to be in a public place with lots of people, acting as a conduit or tranducer or transmitter of some sort. Whether we like it or not :)

Narrowing "Options"
It's been some months now that I'm finding it more and more difficult to "take in" information whether via reading, listening or watching videos. I'd start something and then find that I absolutely cannot proceed any further, even though it was something that I thought I would be interested in. This happens primarily with certain sources or with certain types of information.

What I believe is happening is that as we continue to expand our consciousness, we begin to more distinctly define our field of beingness. By that I mean that as we become more and more of Who We Truly Are, we are gravitating more towards our "roots of origin".

For example, if you are a Sirian Soul who is here to assist in the setting up of our new galactic template of existence, then you may begin to focus more and more on information of that nature, and probably start to concentrate on Sirian sources that encourage that agenda, like Sheldan Nidle.

Or you may be here to facilitate the awakening of Pleiadian Souls with a special emphasis on doing gridwork, so perhaps you'll find yourself beginning to narrow your sources to individuals like Sandra Walter.

Or you may even be a Light Being, incarnated here to just "be", acting as a powerful medium to anchor certain Light frequencies (eg. perhaps at the time of The Event?) and be a strong stabilising factor when required. Then you may even not be interested in much at all except just "being" and doing your own thing, ready to activate when the time comes.

Obviously, these are just examples that I can think of on the spur of the moment, but I hope you know what I'm trying to say. I feel that we are being slowly nudged into our own "groove", and our options are narrowing in order to better prepare and align ourselves more accurately with our specific path. If we had been voraciously taking in lots of information across a wide spectrum, we may find that more and more things interest us less and less. We are hearing (feeling) the call of our origins getting louder as we awaken increasingly to our true essence within and fine-tune our focus. And for the record, I'm neither Sirian nor Pleiadian :)

Divine Connection and Merge
In the early '90s, I was gifted with a book that launched me much deeper into my spiritual path ~ my (re)introduction to my own Divinity. I knew about the Soul, yes...but I hadn't yet had the awareness of my own Divinity. The book was Lazaris' "The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self" channeled by Jach Pursel. Ever since then, I couldn't imagine my current existence without constantly being aware of my own connection with my Divinity. This is one of the strongest factors that has since navigated my path.

In recent times, I've become increasingly aware that for me, this is a key component in my own Ascension process ~ the connection and merging (as much as possible, given the densities) with my Divinity. The descension of Spirit simultaneously with the ascension of Matter. The upward tetrahedron (ascension of Matter) merging with the downward tetrahedron (descension of Spirit), forming the star tetrahedron, the Lightbody Merkabah. This cannot happen without the connection to our Divinity.

I feel that if we acknowledge the presence of our Divinity on a regular basis, this will serve to deepen our Divine connection and allow us to be divinely guided along our Ascension process.

And oh, by the way...anyone feeling that the sense of deja vu has intensified?

Namaste :)


  1. Thanks for the update, Grace!

    I've noticed some strange "time warps" as well lately. While enjoying several "now" moments (relaxing in a hammock or meditating, for example), I've felt as if time was greatly expanded for me. What felt like 45 minutes was actually only 10, etc. There have also been a couple of times when I felt as if I actually manifested these situations through intent. I was running a bit late one morning and I consciously "relaxed", intended that I would have plenty of time to do my usual routine, and rather miraculously, I was not just on time, I was a few minutes early!! I'm certain that I couldn't have accomplished what I did in the "time" it actually took without some MAJOR tweaking somewhere.

    I've also felt a very strong need to just set whatever projects I've been working on aside and just "ground" myself lately. I feel called upon to do an increasing number of what I call "mini-meditations" during the day. I'll start feeling anxious and stressed (often for no apparent reason), so I'll take just a moment or two to be quiet, close my eyes, breathe with intent, and connect with Earth and Higher Self. I can tell you those very small "breaks" have a HUGE, positive effect on me throughout the day.

    The time we're experiencing now is amazing! It can be trying, stressful, and confusing--but at the same time it's exciting, mysterious, and leaves me with a growing sense of gratitude for being present to witness it.

    And I'm especially grateful to be able to share the experience with so many others of like mind!

    With Love,


    1. Very nice, Stargazer! You really radiate such a positive vibe. "Mini Meditations"...lovely ring to it, too! Sounds like you're definitely in synch with your higher path!

      I've heard about the time-stretching thing from a couple of people as well. Looks like I'll have to try that out myself :)

      Thanks for connecting, Stargazer. We all need each other to make this Great Shift...supporting each other and learning from one another. Ooh...I just felt a wave of Soul-bumps as I typed that!! We must be doing something right :D :D

      Namaste and Blessings <3

  2. <3

    We are DEFINITELY doing something right...and you're right at the head of that train, Grace!!! :)

    With Love,


    1. Let's ALL get there together! Besides, it can get lonely in that carriage... :)