24 April 2015

Tune In Today!!

**This is "sticky" for today**

The early part of this morning left me going "What? What?! WHAT?!" and sounding very much like David Tennant's Dr Who. I had read a couple of emails that basically made me feel what-ish, so after a while I obliged the nudge to go into meditation.

Wow. Just seconds after I tapped into the energies, I knew I had to post my experience here because I wish to encourage all of you to do so as well. The energies feel so different today, and I sense a very healing, nurturing and nourishing component to them. I was going to say "feminine" but it's not really that at all. Like beyond feminine or masculine, or anything that I can think of. It defies labelling :)

The energies are truly beautiful, they go right where they need to go. I do remember that Sandra Walter mentioned another wave that's slated to approach us between April 23-26.

So tune in today!! Take the energies in, assimilate and anchor them, and then.....

Namaste to all :)

PS. Remember to give Love and Gratitude for these energies!


  1. huge LIKE from lake Constance where the sky looks like that, too, today, and the feeling's good :)

  2. Thank you for your wonderful vibes, Lee :) I've got a big smile on my face from that!