29 April 2015

We Have Always Been Expressions of Source, We Are Empowered Beings ~ The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 26 April 2015


While I don't necessarily resonate with everything within each single article or message that I post, this is one that I really feel very energetically agreeable with on all the points raised :)   I particularly like the Arcturian's explanation of the gap between knowing the truth of the absolute and experiencing it from our own level of consciousness. This "gap", I believe, has led to many misperceptions for those on the spiritual path, where sometimes our application of the absolute truth falls short, or is misguided.

"The absolute cannot be lived and experienced fully until one has attained that state of consciousness."

Source: Oneness of All

Greetings once again dear ones, in this time of new beginnings. We come to bring encouragement and love to the many of you who are experiencing seeming discord both within and without. Old ideas are quickly becoming obsolete and dissolving, but the new ones are not yet fully able to manifest (personally and universally) leaving you confused.
It may appear as if the world is functioning as usual, and yet you are finding that much of it no longer resonates with you in the ways you have come to know and expect. This is the confusion and causes you to question yourselves. Never doubt or believe that you are simply making things up, are over tired, or just plain going crazy as change begin to take place within your awareness. Change signifies a consciousness that is expanding--often away from what is familiar or known.
You are not consciously aware of how much is happening on other levels as you sleep, meditate, or simply go about your day. Human beings are programmed to analyze and mentally figure everything out, but this approach does not work with what is now taking place on deeper levels.
The sense of separation with which mankind has lived lifetime after lifetime, has manifested a world of much unnecessary suffering for many. The few who recognized the error of this concept have always been harshly silenced by the un-awakened majority, and so the myth lived on. Thus sincere seekers became used to looking outside of themselves to those deemed more knowledgeable and trained in truth, but more often than not were and still are told that man is tarnished and must work his way back into the good graces of a God made in man's image and likeness through suffering and great effort.
False teachings have never affected truth, but through lifetimes did affect your acceptance of truth. All experiences (many not so pleasant) resulting from this ignorance are important facets of your evolutionary journey and have brought you to where you are now. There is no need for fear or doubt dear ones, for you are on your way whether you think you are or not. Leave behind those teachings that tell you that you must believe a certain way, or undergo specific ceremonies in order to be "saved" or spiritual. It is time to understand that you are already saved and spiritual and at no time ever, have you not been.
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