05 April 2015

We Have Entered An Easter Window For The Disclosure Event ~ Ashtar via Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 4 April 2015

Elizabeth's site (Cosmic Ascension) is being maintained, so this is from her fb page. A few personal notes at the bottom, for those interested.

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin fb

Greetings Citizens of Earth, this is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin. We know each One who is in sympathy with our Mission for Earth Ascension. We would like you to know what a help it is to have these luminous hearts through which to reach the darker areas where much of our work must be carried on. May we all band together as a divinely blessed fellowship and lend our utmost effort to serve well and faithfully. Yet we hold ourselves subject at all times to the All-wise supervision of our Supreme Commander.

As I have said before, Your Planet was given a rare opportunity to learn the true and dependable Laws leading to progress along all lines of achievement, physical, mental and spiritual. These are not religious Laws. These are the Universal Laws which elevate a Soul to Enlightenment, to Eternal Bliss, also known as Ascension. To begin One must follow practices which keep the body holy. Your body is a temple for your Soul. Without it death is imminent. Ascension happens within the body allowing immortality. Without the body One must be born again and again. That is not the ideal because it is a cycle of suffering. One must eat to maintain health, purify toxins, exercise to be strong and keep the body systems in balance. One must be extremely cautious about allowing violence and salacious images to pollute the mind. How can the mind be strong, meditate, contemplate and reach the Highest Teachings if it is not so? One learns telepathy, teleportation, levitation and other siddhas only when the Universal Laws and Pure practices are achieved. This is done by a discipline which can only spring from One’s heart. A deep desire to be a Jedi Warrior and the discipline to begin those practices on your own. When the student has made themselves ready, the Master will appear.

When the One known to you as Jesus Christ was sent in human embodiment, not only to teach but to demonstrate in full sight of Earth dwellers, the Beauty, the Efficacy and the Supreme Wisdom of compliance with these powerful Creative Laws enunciated by the Omnipotent Creator of All Things! The failure of all but a mere handful of people to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the sublime spiritual message He brought, which would have freed them from all bondage to material things, their complete BLINDNESS filled our hearts with sorrowful despair of any possible chances for Earth to be saved from total destruction. The people of Earth were not ready.

How will you celebrate Easter? Will you prepare a feast of animal flesh? Universal Law states do no harm to others. A vegetarian diet is much better for your body, your mind, your temple and your karma. Are you dedicated to serving the Planet as a Citizen upholding all the Kingdoms on Earth for the Glory of Love? Think about it. It does make a difference because the Animal Kingdom is evolving right along Humanity. The day is well spent with loved Ones joining at Sunrise to enjoy the natural splendor outdoors of Earth and Sky. Connect with your Galactic Family on the Ships we are celebrating with you.

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**Personal Notes:
  • The Supreme Commander that Ashtar refers to in this message at the beginning is, I assume, Sananda
  • The surface of our Planet will go through extreme terra-forming, which will result in a global temperate climate and see the rise of the three main sunken continents ~ Lemuria, Atlantis and Greater Sri Lanka
  • The ice caps melting will also relieve the unbalanced pressure at the poles, from which I understand causes the slight bulge at the Equator, therefore giving the Planet a spherical shape that's a bit flattened at the North and South. This is known as an Oblate Spheroid, and I sometimes wonder if this has been misinterpreted as the "Flat Earth"
  • We are emerging from the darkness of Kali Yuga into a more enlightened stage
  • The earlier plans for the Ascension process involved mass evacuations via Ships (from sources such as Tuella) while our Planet goes through terra-forming; from what I understand and from what we have seen, we have gone from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C....I don't know where we are now, but the latest that I'm aware of is that we will move to Inner Earth (generally) while terra-forming takes place. Here in Ashtar's message, I don't know exactly what is meant by "The stories about evacuation are cancelled"...whatever the exact Plan is at the end of the day, or whatever is true or not, my suggestion is that we should never waiver from our own focus on our own inner work, and at the same time to be in Service to Source.

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