03 May 2015

About 2017...

There's been a lot of cyber-noise this year regarding 2017. I like to call 2017 "The New 2012" :)

This post is basically just me finally giving in to this ever-growing nudge to say something about 2017. I'm seeing/hearing more and more public sources coming out, touting 2017 to be the year of great changes, not just to our socio-economic and living conditions, but also to the Human Race, collectively. I can only assume they mean our planetary and physical Ascension in more marked and pronounced ways, collectively. I sometimes wonder why "Ascension" has joined the growing list of "dirty words", never to be uttered unless you wish to be branded as some fluffy air-headed New Ager  :)

I digress. So, back to 2017.

In the midst of the surging interest in this year of 2017, I'd like to put things in perspective. More specifically, I'd like to point out a particular source that mentioned 2017 way back in 2010...back when we were (me included) so overly focussed on the December Solstice of 2012. Although the 2012 Solstice was tremendously significant (I've talked about this several times on my blog already, so I'll just summarise and say we broke free from our timeline loop, onto the positive Ascension Timeline), I misled myself into thinking it would be The Shift itself.

But there was one source that had consistently mentioned one year...2017. And that source is Raphiem/Mission Ignition with his Blue Transmissions. The first time I came across the transmissions was in 2013, and I really resonated with much (but not all) of it (posted here). If you haven't yet read the transmissions, please give it a go to see if it's for you. There's truly a lot in there that's beginning to surface now.

The first transmissions, Blue Lament for Humanity, speaks about "seven blinks of an eye", which is 7 years from 2010...which is 2017.

It's also interesting to note that these "Blue Transmissions" originate from Blue winged emissaries...Blue Avians, anyone?

Head over to the Mission Ignition site for all the transmissions. If they are new to you, please follow the chronological reading recommendation for better clarity.

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