27 May 2015

About Agartha...

Without any intention of adding to the morass of information that's accumulating in quantum leaps as the days go by, I'd like to offer some brief observations about Agartha, which has found itself under the speculation spotlight. This by no means imply that I'm an expert...far from it! I'm just sharing my current views and beliefs. As usual, I'll sound the usual D-For-Discernment caution ~ my truth isn't necessarily another's truth, let alone "the" truth; it's just my current level of understanding/acceptance/belief, which could be hopelessly incorrect :)

I believe that there is a tendency to lump together ALL subterranean civilisations, both Light and Dark, under one term ~ "Agarthan". As long as there's a being living underground, it's generally identified as Agarthan. That means Telosians are Agarthans, and so too are underground Dracos/Reptilians/Greys, Chimera, ancient positive races as well as negative Anunnakis. Just as there is a tendency to limit the term "Anunnaki" ("from Heaven to Earth" or "sons of God" or "Sons of the Shining One" or "Sons of Light") to a specific negative race when actually this could very well have been used to refer to all Extra-Terrestrial races (Corey GoodETxSG mentioned this); and finally the last one ~ which is the most devious conditioning they have created ~ the belief that ALL Extra-Terrestrials are slave-masters that want to take over the world and feast on humans.

From my understanding, there are several sectors of negative beings that are living/have lived underground, in deep caverns far beneath the Earth. (I'm not talking about DUMBs, which are/were mainly used by the Negative Military, which are now mostly, if not all, cleared.) Some of these negative beings work with the Military Industrial Complex/Negative Military, some control them, some don't have anything to do with them. These are probably the Draco/Reptilian/Grey/Cabal-related factions. Then there's the Chimera, with their own underground hideouts.

All these negative groups live below the surface, that fact no one is disputing. Some apparently are a number of miles beneath the surface. However, if we take a look at the image at the top of this post, we will see the cross-section of our Planet, which is hollow, as with all planetary/celestial bodies because of the toroidal manner in which they are created.

We will see that the Centre of Gravity lies 400 miles below the surface. On the other side of this "line" is another 400 miles of inner crust that ends in literally a whole new world...the world of Agartha, the Land of Advanced Civilisations. This higher-dimensional world lies at least 800 miles below the surface. Far, far, far deeper than any of the hideouts of the negative factions. This world of Agartha is like the Light to our surface's Dark. There is no place in Agartha for the negative factions to hide; in terms of vibrational frequency and spiritual physics, they wouldn't be able to survive for long due to mismatched energetic frequency.

And yes, there's an Inner Crystalline Sun at the core (not molten iron or whatever) that lights up the inner realms. Some have called it the Heart of Mother Gaia.

So, on the upper half of the Centre of Gravity, there is no doubt that the various negative factions have dwelled there for millenia. But on the other side, 1287 km (800 miles) from the surface, Agartha thrives in Light. 1287 km / 800 miles...that's a really, really, really long way, deep into Earth. I doubt that the negative hideouts are more than just a few miles deep.

This is my current understanding of the situation.

Mother Gaia has long held two different worlds within her consciousness. A very complex condition, and the way I see it, much like a schizophrenic threat to her well-being. Two worlds separated by a difference in consciousness...it's now time to unite these two realms.


  1. Beautiful! Here's what "someone" using the pseudonym "Ishtar Antares" (these days he also uses another cloak..... ;) ) wrote about Agartha in 2003: http://www.shavertron.com/ishtar.html

    1. Umm....Hmmmm.....OH..... :)
      Thanks for the link, Lee :)