02 May 2015

Accelerated Change Upon Us ~ Maureen Moss ~ May 2015

Love and Light Portal

I'm rather tickled that Maureen Moss mentions "breaking down" and "breaking point" in this update...

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. First, thank you for those who inquired when my next newsletter would arrive or sent me a “Where’s Maureen” Email.

I’ll briefly share that, and then onto “Accelerated Change Upon Us.”

After teaching “Mastering The God Experience,” I was wiped out, something I wasn’t accustomed to after teaching. It felt as though with each class, through verbal transmissions, deep activations, and the Universal flow pouring through me, ‘We’ were literally opening portals, creating group and global unified fields and lifting density to access the spaces where purified resonance and alignment with the Divine could literally be felt by all.

Within days of completion I was completely unpinned from all life as I was experiencing it and taken, by shock, through life altering, heart altering, mortal mind shattering experiences and into Cosmic portals on yet another deep soulular odyssey, replete with defragging lingering patterns, karmic disconnections and the dissolution of discordancies left of what I refer to as the former me. Sound familiar?

It was a deeply re-arranging period of time wherein I was also told, many things. Amongst them was that lifetime after lifetime and timeline after timeline was coursing through my bodies. The emotions, perceptions and effects of each were to be balanced, accepted and loved by me, for myself and for the all. (This was not told to me until I was in the 7th week of it all.)

Please read on...

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