29 May 2015

Becoming The Lord of The Rings ~ Red Pill Oracle ~ 28 May 2015

I love this analysis from Red Pill Oracle, and the correlations drawn between the unfolding of Tolkien's story and our spiritual path of Awakening are remarkable. Although I still prefer Tolkien's Silmarillion to LOTR, the insightful observations have increased my appreciation of LOTR. And Red Pill Oracle mentions the "F" word, too!

Source: Agarthan Alliance

We are all ring-bearers. 

Why is it every one who has ever read or watched the Lord of the Rings was touched and moved in their very souls and hearts? Could it be because each character in it's own unique way resonates with some aspect of ourselves? We can relate to them all...for indeed they are all us at one point in time in our lives. We have all been possessed by the Ring, to varying degrees. We all feel its burden and a lot of us are on the journey to be free of it forever. 

Tolkien's works can be seen to be speaking to many specific events that happened in the past and especially those that occurred in his lifetime (WW1 and WW2). But that is only because we have been going in a “ring” and history is always repeating itself so they can be applied to almost any dramatic event in our history or present. It is really one story that keeps repeating, and it goes back the original birth of illusion brought to this planet. Tolkien knew that until we learn our lessons, changed accordingly and got into the “spiral” of life, which transcends us and takes us to a new place of understanding that we were destined to make the same mistakes over and over again... Until we throw away the Ring.

A Brief History of the Earth

Many lifetimes ago, at the birth of our existence on this planet we marveled at the wonders and reveled in its majestic beauty, seeing the potential to exist in a 3d reality and experience life on the material plane. But it turned out to be a trap... a soul-trap.

There were those sent from Source to help guide us (Gandalf, Galadriel etc...) and we know them as the “ascended masters”. But disguised in this group was the Lord of Illusion (Sauron) and he got his opportunity to corrupt.

We were invaded. Invaded by the force of an anomaly in our universe. A force that paradoxically did not really exist... until we made it real. It is the force of darkness, of lies...of evil. It was the Lord of Illusion and it is not Real, and at the same time very real to us all. Just as on Earth we have the illusion of darkness we call night, this is true only from a certain perspective. The Sun never goes away! It only appears that way to us by our limited perception and the vantage point we are looking from. This is a world of polarity (male and female energies) but it was not a world of duality (good and evil, right and wrong, god and the devil and ego)... this was the illusion created by us under the manipulation of this entity.

Illusion (darkness, lies and evil) was birthed in our own hearts (the Fire of Mt. Doom) and that is the only place it can be unmade. The only power this entity ever had or has over us is the power we give it. It would be completely powerless without feeding off our energy... It is a parasite! Parasites cannot create only try to control, whereas Life (all of us) was given creative energy as its birthright. We mold creation (what appears as reality) with our focused attention and intention activated by our emotions, thoughts and our actions. Sauron had to manipulate others to do his bidding... and without corruptible minions to follow his suggestions he could never have had any affect on Middle Earth. And this is the same battle that has always been the source of all conflict on Earth and is the force responsible for the chaos to this day.

Tolkien understood this illusion and is evidenced by Galadriel's command to Sauron in the Hobbit.... “You have no power here, servant of Mordor. You are nameless. You are formless. Go back to the void from whence you came.” It worked for her and this command can work for all of us... if while standing in righteousness, in our full free will and sovereignty we rise above the possibility of manipulation becoming incorruptible and untouchable to all parasites! When we stand in Life and Love!

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