22 May 2015

Breaking Through ~ Untwine ~ 19 May 2015

Beautifully said, with much wisdom....

Source: Recreating Balance

Many of us have felt it, things are speeding up recently.
The Light is peeking through the horizon.
It can not be denied or doubted anymore. The nightmares are running around in panic, they're crumbling. 
It's been a long sleepless night and we're finally starting to see what's around us. We might be deeply tired, but there's this sudden new vitality coming through. It came in quickly and quietly. The fog is lifting thanks to to the sun's warmth. The Light is surrounding us, envelopping us; supporting us and carrying us gently. It's making us safe again. We can start to be creators again. Finally.
And suddenly we know again, what to do. It's obvious.
We're in Love. It's the grace of dawn.
We've been living under wartime. We've had to compromise, ourselves, everything. We did so so we could hide, so we could be safe.
Some of us have had to keep all their muscles tight, constantly, to not feel the pain.
Some of us have had to wear shoes too big or too small for their feet, with holes in them.
Some of us haven't had a shower in months.
Some of us haven't felt a carress in years.
Some of us convinced ourselves there was no other way.
Some of us convinced ourselves it was ok.
Some of us have pretended, a lot.
Look around though. It's not keeping us safe.
Most of us know now that we can't keep compromising if we want to experience the truth.
We don't want to hide anymore. We want to come out in the sunlight, feel the warmth.

We can shift anything, if we just really decide to do it.

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