02 May 2015

Chintamani Stone Activation ~ Judy Satori ~ 27 May 2013

I did some minor maintenance on my blog, mainly removing embedded videos and providing direct links to the source instead, as well as adding more links to some Solfeggio tracks (all on the right-panel). I like to encourage readers to go back to the Source ** pun intended ;) ** so that's why you usually see incomplete posts and a link to the source.

Anyway, in the course of doing so, I came across this activation by Judy Satori. It came out almost 2 years ago, and I remembered going through the activation via the video. Because I resonate a lot with Judy's work, it was something I felt guided to do then but over time have totally forgotten about the name "Chintamani". Even when Cobra introduced his intel about this, the name seemed vaguely familiar to me, but I had no further recollection about it and certainly did not connect it to this activation by Judy.

I had thought I included this in my blog, but a quick check told me otherwise. Perhaps the time wasn't right then? As synchronicity would have it (thank you!), I'm led back to this video, and of course I'm posting it now!

So, for those who feel guided to go through this activation, please head here for the video. Judy explains how she was guided to "synch" with the stone to receive the downloads and her own activations in the first part of thie 13-minute video, followed by the activation.

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