24 May 2015

Cobra and Rob Potter Interview ~ 20 May 2015

**Update 27 May 2015: Yay!! Transcript available, please visit The Promise Revealed. 
Thank you very much to Lee Binder for this heads-up :) **

At the time of writing, I still couldn't find the transcript for this, so I will just start highlighting some points here first. The interview is about 1:12 hours long, you can listen to it here on Soundcloud.

Please know that this summary in not all-inclusive; this is quite a time-consuming process for me and I will do my best in the time that I have.
  • The "mystery pictures" that Cobra posted on his blog are meant for us to connect with them energetically, since the first phase of Disclosure is energetic instead of intellectual
  • Massive disinformation being released, combine higher intuition and correct knowledge when discerning what is Truth
  • Healing technologies will be available post-The Event, dependent on logistics and ability of people to access them, and also according to priority and urgency (providing shelter, then treating those with chronic pain etc)
  • Spontaneous healing will also occur pre- and post-The Event
  • Healing based on harmonising physical and non-physical bodies, since most physical ailments are the result of blockages on energetic levels; replacement of body parts will be available; ancient healing modalities will also be used (sound, meditation...)
  • Best anti-ageing aid is to connect with our Higher Self as only our Higher Self is able to reverse the entropic process in our bodies
  • Possible to cure dyslexia with acupuncture but more successful with multi-dimensional approach
  • Autism caused by deep trauma, pre- or post-natal, as well as vaccination in some cases
  • Long hair (as antenna) enhances connection with higher planes
  • Nepal earthquake is result of increased activity of Central Sun, and Earth's tectonic plates are responding; more seismic activity will occur ("Cabal is not responsible for everything that is happening on this Planet")
  • Planetary transformation process delayed for at least 15 years, cannot wait much longer
  • Overall plan for The Event remains the same
  • Sub-timelines still in flux, but main timeline has stabilised
  • Technology used by Light Forces in clearing Solar System is classified; they are very effective
  • Some of the Souls are taken to Ganymede for processing
  • Archons still control incarnation process on Earth
  • Limited conflict in Chimera bases underground, no more Earth forces involved, just RM and Confederation
  • Information about whether Light Forces resort to murder is very sensitive and classified
  • Galactics do not currently have technology to neutralise toplets and strangelets
  • There is always a Higher Force and when the consciousness is high, this intervention will occur
  • Omnec Onec has affirmed that Victory is absolutely assured
  • Contract revocations, decrees, appeals, prayers ~ all these have an effect and help the Light Forces (synchronicity, this is another "nudge" for me, I will post about this later)
  • There are still hostages in Chimera bases
  • They still don't believe it's "over" which is why they haven't just set off the strangelets and toplets
  • Reptilians quite widespread all over the Galaxy, some are positive (like the Nakai?) and assisting the Confederation
  • Timelines that have been publicly given (2016-2017) are based on what the informants have been told by their specific sources
  • New York ground crew asked to send private email to Cobra for tactical advice; however it is impossible for Cobra to answer all emails, only the ones directly associated with Planetary Liberation
  • Astral planes much much better, ditto plasma planes
  • Cuba and Castro ~ some Jesuit influence there
  • Creation of man is natural course of evolution with Galactic interference through genetic manipulation
  • Al Bielek accessed a probable future timeline through a psychic experience
  • Urantia book: go ahead and read it if you have strong inner guidance because there are some good information in it (I gave up after just a few pages...)
  • Office of The Christ ~ energy of Cosmis unconditional Love, a state of consciousness on a certain level of evolution 
  • Higher dimensional Beings can have children without physical conjugation like in test-tubes, if they want to
  • Mermaids are result of genetic engineering in Atlantis, possible that they still exist
  • Deja vu = information received from future
  • Robots not so much used in higher planes, more advanced technology used instead, also can manifest from etheric; anyway there's very little mechanical work throughout the Galaxy
  • Post-The Event and after First Contact there will be migration away from Planet so population will decrease
  • Cyborgs ~ Light Forces do not support this "lifeform"
  • NSA still has upper hand over control of computers, RM can take down the Internet but not control it; however, virus already inserted into the system, especially pertaining to global finances
  • RM cannot contact surface population before The Event because Cabal will retaliate; during The Event RM will contact certain militia groups to assist
  • Upcoming UN conference in September is overall plan of Jesuits/Rothschilds to have more global impact; these plans will not succeed
  • Biochips removed from vaccines, but toxins still present
  • Israeli agents have always been on American soil, detonation of bombs will be not be allowed
  • Gold in Phillipines is not accessible by any factions
  • Vatican, London and Washington DC are centres for "heavy-duty" Cabal
  • Hungary ~ secret positive groups with strong Templar influence working for new financial system; very strong esoteric symbols in Hungary as well as ancient Goddess vortices
  • Legal system to be returned to Common Law, eventually merged with Galactic Codex after Contact
  • Vast majority of Dragon families do not have physical gold, only claims to the gold; China has extensive gold reserves for preparation for Eastern Alliance new financial system; M1 which is creation of Cabal will be dismantled; RM under guidance of Galactics will monitor distribution of gold after The Event; no single entity to decide where it goes; ALL nations will benefit from the accumulated wealth
  • Certificates, bonds etc will be used to efficiently bankrupt Federal Reserve; then RM presses the button for Reset; the bonds etc will then be worthless
  • Even Dragon families and dynasties have stolen the gold from the "little people" so they don't have claims to it
  • A Cabal faction has plans to crash the USD then declare martial law to destabilise situation; this will not be allowed; devaluation may bring some instability but nothing to worry about for the average person; financial reset will go so fast people won't have time to worry about this
  • Swiss Indo: when mainstream media starts reporting a switchover to gold standard, this will signal start of financial system change
  • Flat Earth theory = Cobra will post about this on his blog later; Earth is spherical but not perfectly round (I think, not sure though, Sheldan Nidle or Zorra, or both, have explained that the weight of the ice caps on the top and bottom of our Planet are slightly flattening out the shape, so not perfect sphere. After terra-forming, these ice caps will be melted so Earth will regain her shape.)
  • Ghosts, wraiths = Souls in transition, retaining their personality when they were alive
  • Number 13 is sacred, describing the principle of Free Will
  • Post The Event, life-span drastically increases
  • Portal is interdimensional connection between two point in space-time; not all black holes are portals, only those activated. Black hole less widespread than people believe, getting extremely rare because more Light infusing
  • Black Stone in Mecca used by Cabal to harvest human energy
  • Fatima Event ~ the girl (Lucia?) was prevented by Cabal from revealing the incident; the "sun" was a spaceship
  • RM agents had to withdraw from Hollywood in 2004/2005; "Lithium"  ("Elysium", corrected by a dear reader, thanks Mitchell!) has elements of coded truths (as with Avatar and Jupiter Ascending)
  • The war going on is not just physical, it's like an infection, so combination of both spiritual and physical aspects are required to remedy it (re.Corey GoodETxSG's intel)
  • Rob stresses the importance of the spiritual component in order to move forward positively.


  1. Great update and information, as always. Thanks for all your hard work, Grace!

    Keep calm and SHINE on!


    1. Thank you...Love YOUR Light, Stargazer :)

  2. you ROCK, Grace !!

    One of the two "mystery pictures" that Cobra posted on his blog has been somewhat explained next day as an entrance to Agartha, see http://atobgy.deviantart.com/art/Entry-436284067

    1. Let's hope it's to the rhythm of the Cosmos, Lee :)

      Cobra usually names his images quite descriptively. Needless to say, the first one was just a direct photo id; the second, however, was labelled "Portal", which correlates to what ATobgy says. Thanks for this link <3

  3. Very good summary, very helpful! Thanks for all your efforts (BTW, the movie Cobra mentions is "Elysium" not "Lithium")

    1. Thanks, Mitchell! And thank you for that correction... That is most appreciated :) Namaste

  4. oh, and the other image Cobra posted should be one of the 13k+ old stasis beings David Wilcock talked about. I guess the young looking one that in the meantime has woken up and was so "pissed" about what the Illuminati and Cabal have done the past 300+ years while he was hibernating.

  5. full transcript: http://thepromiserevealed.com/2015-may-20-q-a-with-cobra/

    1. Terima Kasih, Lee...I'll add that to the post :)

      As for the first image, that was my first (intellectual) thought as well, the lady in stasis that they found. Then I looked again and this time the feeling was different. Cobra's image made me feel peaceful, while the other evoked some uneasiness. If you haven't seen it, there's a video here: