08 May 2015

Cobra/Isis Breakthrough Conference Notes (Part 1): Alfriston, Sussex UK ~ Delphi Oracle

This was referenced in the latest update from Cobra, and I'm posting it on its own because it's a generally helpful reminder and summary of the on-going situation as well as events leading up to this point in time. I'd just like to add that, for now and as far as I'm aware, toplets and strangelets remain in the etheric plasma plane, which is tied to the Veil, or the global plasma scalar mind control network. All the physical ones have been removed (the report may give the impression that ALL forms have been removed). Also, I would suggest re-reading Cobra's post about the SSP for further clarity.

There is an option to download the report in pdf format at the site.

Source: Delphi Oracle

[Disclaimer: This report is based on notes taken at the time, and although I have tried to be accurate, I may have mis-remembered or mis-interpreted. So please do not take the following words as ‘absolute truth’. Thank you. ]

As some of the content of this conference may be similar to other conferences, the focus of this report will be to provide a sense of what it is like to attend an energetic event like this.

The venue chosen was a non-conformist church in the charming and ancient village of Alfriston. The nave of this de-consecrated church could comfortably hold fifty sitting in theatre style to listen to the presentations, often illustrated with beautiful slides. When we arrived, delegates had – as was made completely clear on the joining instructions – to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is to maintain the secrecy relating to the identities of both presenters, for reasons which are too obvious to be spelt out here.

The area we were in lay near a park with a special relationship with the Pleiades. As on the Saturday the planet Venus was transiting this constellation, this was highly significant.
I think most of us coming to our first conference, enjoyed the experience of being able to talk to others, without quizzical eyebrows being raised about topics as diverse as extra terrestrial races, etheric beings, secret space programs, the return of the Goddess and the implications of The Event. Although the teenage years were not represented in the audience, there were roughly an equal number in all the decades from twenties through sixties. This in itself was somewhat unusual. There were even two children.

The room had been prepared in a way that was fitting for the sacred nature of what was being dealt with. Sessions opened with meditations and we were reminded that the conference was energetic as well as one of sharing information and a chance to ask questions.
The Breakthrough is close and Victory to the Light is assured.

However, it is of great value to understand the way in which the planet has been held in a form of involuntary quarantine.

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