12 May 2015

David Wilcock Event: 26 April 2015 ~ Notes From the Presentation ~ Stillness In The Storm ~ 30 April 2015

This was a three-hour presentation (if I remember correctly) by David Wilcock, streamed live on the 26th of April. I had temporary "access" to the audio, and had to listen to it on and off as I definitely wasn't able to spare three solid hours. From what I could gather, if you have been somewhat following updates of this sort from other sources, or if you watch David's GaiamTV shows (Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure), there isn't any heart-stopping information presented. Having said that, there were lots of interesting information; I did not know any of Pete Petterson's intel which David brought up, so I was very intrigued by the bits that David shared.

Stillness In The Storm has made available a very detailed summary of this event. Considering that this was 3-hours in length, this is certainly quite a big task, so thank you indeed to SITS :)

Please head here to read this summary. As with everything I post, please use your own inner guidance to determine what is "Truth" for you.

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