19 May 2015

Demonstrative Proof That Canola Crop Circles Are Not Human-Made ~ Lucy Pringle ~ 18 May 2015

Although Crop Circles are one of my favourite things, I can categorically say without bias that I find it astoundingly unbelievable that, despite all the scientific evidence, the world-at-large still believe that ALL these amazing creations are the product of men working with stomping boards...

Source: Lucy Pringle

The crop circle season approaches, though I have a feeling it will have a late start, please get in touch soon if you would like to join one of my crop circle tours as the places are already being booked.

An Historic Event 
Several months ago an American film company got in touch with me regarding a programme they were going to make on crop circles. This didn't fill me with excitement as so many programmes have been made over the years which have not served this unique subject well.

However after several conversations and emails I felt reassured that they were going to be different so felt happy to take part and be interviewed.

The aim of the programme was to interview several researchers and to obtain permission from a farmer to allow people to make a circle in one of his fields. This was going to be done in daylight in oilseed rape (canola) and the people making the circle were going to be asked to copy a particular circle which had shown no evidence of human involvement. The circle chosen was one that had appeared on the first of May 2005 at Alton Priors. I recall visiting this and after careful scrutiny, could not find any broken crushed or bruised stems. It was perfect.

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